Aspirations of a Future Journalist

Let me write for you.

Absorb my words and remember my name.

Search for me through the pages of the black and white print.

Adopt what you like of mine,

Compliment my style.

Share my words confidently to your friends and family.

Let my words be the topic discussed among people everywhere.

Argue my ideas at the dinner table,

And quote my words to your colleagues.

All that I work for,

Is your admiration of my work;

so please, don’t let my work go to waste.

Acknowledge my passion for this.

Let me be a household name.



I want to be a journalist after I graduate from college. I am working hard now so that I may succeed in all of the goals I have set. I know that I must work to keep an awesome GPA if I want to participate in many activies that will help me reach my goals later. I love to read and write, mostly news articles, in my free time. In everything that I do, I try to strenthen my skills that will allow me to excel in journalism. I hope that people enjoy this poem and thank you for taking the time to read it.

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