on my way

Sun, 03/23/2014 - 14:25 -- ctndu


on my way to my once in a life time job I hope that I see heights. 

So many don't get to see, working hard only to work harder,

time passes by,

by and by they see themselves anywhere but where they wanted.  

The surroundings stop to matter, they feel they stop to matter and stop to think themselves what's the matter?

the question draws itself around them everywhere they look it's a question,

what happened? when did it all change? did I settle? was the best not good enough?

I hope a situation never comes,

I hope it never arises where I look around see questions instead of the answers i've been looking for. 

Searching for them as I work my way through this college degree, sitting each day from desk to desk,

writing from book to book,

listening from class to class to figure out how I succeed in a world full of success, 

many ways to turn but not many ways that turn my world,

upside the goal as I find myself stuck to this chair gravity overwhelming, 

test this test that and all to get to the haloed postion in those psychology offices,

imagine myself white coated pad holding as I attend to attentions of a much patient patient teaching me patience that I never had change to the patients I have. 

Taking in each moment is how I'll live as I learn I lead a life no longer following a dream.

Thinking myself crazy as I attend to the crazies





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