To be an Engineer must be surreal
It's the blueprint to a science that we can never see or feel
It's almost unfair what a little math can unveil
Structures so necessary yet beautifully created for appeal

I was born to build and destroy
From building lego fortresses as just a small boy
To detonating IEDs years later on the road of a convoy
The study of making things and taking them away will always bring me joy

I need this, in case you didn't know
For my ambition fuels me alone
Not the party or the sudden escape from home
It's the family support and the ability to make an invention of my own

So off to Vanderbilt in a year I'll go
To work on my bachelors and pay for a place to call home
And when it works out I urge you to peer out your window
And see how ambition differentiates today from tomorrow 

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