A question like any for myself to answer

Can I teach because education does not occur

When students use school as their battlegrounds


Nihilism hits bravery with irony

While I fight the fight of scarcity

I want to be the cause of light

But what can change to end the fight


Students run to ignorance

Rampant disease holds their brains fenced

Light’s hit faces but no compute

The technological advances have left them mute.


Give me attention ladies and gentlemen

I want you to know that education is the right of man

You have the senses and I want to educate look up

And please let me subjugate 



:) you rhyme so well (which is more than I can say haha)! Keep it up X) 

Check out my stuff too... I'm not sure at all about my work.


thank you, i will deffinetly check out your work.

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