Mind over Moo-lah


People have always told me to dream. 

But they also said dreams don't come true by themselves

They need help

They need hard work and sweat and elbow grease

They require passion and pain 

And I lived my life believing this.

Believing in dreams and in the power of pushing me. 

Because I knew there was no way out 

Not from poverty or minority or differences or names

I knew that my life would only change if i had the will to change it. 

Because we can only bend so far backward before we break.

Before the walls of this life come crashing down and

Destroy the dream world in which we wish to live. 

But I would rather live in the real world anyway.

Because dreams are the places we can reach if only we wake up.

And in order for me to open my eyes and achieve, 

To get past just hope, pray and believe,

I need to work. 

Because even just one job. 

One year waiting tables

One month on my hands and knees

One day using my mind and my hands and my life 

To look towards the future

But to always learn from the past.

All I need to break free,

To put my life where I want,

To build my dream and make it a reality,

Is just one job.

Because I have learned that every job counts

Every load of laundry, every mopped floor, every order.

Because once you have one job, you can get another.

And each time its easier. 

Each time you know more. you learn faster. you work harder.

And the more you work the more you live.

The more your life becomes your dream.

And suddenly you realize that your life has changed. 

But not the way you first imagined. 

Not the way you would have thought. 

You used to dream that life would be perfect and you would get your dream job.

You thought that the right job could make you happy, rich, or be an adventure.

But once you open your eyes you find

That each job is an adventure

Every memory makes you rich

And that people bring you happiness.

So in a way, yes one job can change your life. your mind.

But more importantly your mind can change one job.  



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