People vs Animals

All my life I've seen a sea of faces

All my life I've been scared of the minds behind them

Always judging, always looking, what are they thinking? 

Are they thinking about me?

The clothes I wear? How I stand? How I look? How I talk? 

I'm scared of my own species.

And yet I can handle dogs jumping on me

I can handlea raptors trying to escape my clutches

I can handle cat scratches and bird snatches

I can handle animals.

I know what they are thinking, and know what actions they might take

Are they thinking of me? Only if i have food

The clothes I wear? Don't matter. How I stand? As long as I ain't threatening

How I talk?

As long as it is calm.

People vs Animals, I choose animals

With my life I will protect them, I will care for them, I will love them,

I will fight for them.

But to do that I must talk to my own kind, the kind I am so scared of

Humans are so unpredictable, smiles can be lies, the words might not tell the whole story

Minds so often closed off.

But for the animals I love so dearly I will handle the unknown, I will make a change.

All my life I've seen a sea of faces

For the rest of my life, I will educate their minds

People vs Animals

We need both for this world to survive


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