My Dream Job

Tue, 03/25/2014 - 17:10 -- tfletch


Imagine yourself behind a lens

With the power to direct 

A film that portrays the future 

Or life in retrospect 


Imagine getting to hold the clapboard 

And loudly yelling "Action!"

Then portraying your view on the world 

As you shoot each caption. 


Films that make you laugh, or cry?

The choice is in your hands 

Movies that break or touch your heart 

Or take you to other lands. 


Years of study it'll take- I know

I'm ready to commit 

Because when I get that degree 

I know it'll be worth it. 


I cannot wait until the day 

When my first film I hold 

The first time I call "Action!" 

Ready to change the world. 


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