Let's Be Dreamers

Wed, 03/05/2014 - 20:55 -- SAF

Let's dream together

And build images of a world we never knew.

Let's dream bigger

And turn our thoughts to tangible,

Creatures of day,

Rather than imaginary monsters of night.

Let's dream together 

And paint the world how we see it

Or how we wish to see it

Or how we wish it was.

Can I paint you?

How you are in this moment,

Unchanged for an instant

Before being changed forever.

Will you paint me?

As ugly and beautiful as you see fit.

And I won't mind if you get my nose wrong.

And you won't mind if I make your eyes too dark 

A shade of brown 

Instead of that impossible hazel.

And I won't mind if you include that freckle I hate,

As long as you dream with me

And let me dream with you.

Let's dream together.

Let's make art forever.


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