One Job May Change My Life Poetry Slam

I wanted to help the animals
I wanted to save the planet.
I kept changing my mind
& I didn't understand it.

What do you want? They all said
I didn't know. 
You gotta know soon. They all said.
You're starting to grow.

I went off to college,
I started my classes.
I'm still switching majors
with each week that passes.

But there's one thing that stuck.
Something that stayed.
There was the one thing I wanted to do
No matter how much I got paid.

So if money wasn't a thing
And I had all the time in the world
I would start my own home
For beaten little girls.

I'd take their mothers
I'd take their sisters too
To show them no one
wants to see them black & blue.


I'd clothe them, I'd feed them
I would always make them feel safe.
Beaten little girls
Should never feel like a waste.

My dream job doesn't count on the money.
My dream job is not to travel to space.
My dream job is doing something 
To put a smile on a little girl's face.


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