Anchorman? More like AnchorWOMAN

Sun, 03/16/2014 - 19:02 -- acannon


My Job is simple, become an anchorwoman for a major news station like Cbs or Fox news.

Easy right? No 

I'll have to summon all my best skills in journalism and immerse myself in a business that prospers on tradgedy while mastering the ability to be up before the rest of the world is.  

like a superhero i'll have to battle the evils of the world 




forms of chaos so strong that they can destoy countries in a single day 

the only difference is I won't be the one wearing the cape 

i'll be behind the scenes reporting my findings enlightening every person who watches

Like every superhero does I have a villian that stands in the way of my dream

and that villian for me is self doubt 

Even people with the most potential doubt themselves but with hard work and support from the people around me I Know my dream job will become a reality

i'll serve as a reminder that a woman can get a high ranking job 

and push for a world without gender inequality 

signing off, your soon to be AnchorWOMAN 


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