Hear My Thoughts and Let Them Fill You

It is at night that my thoughts speed up,

rising and crashing over my brain

like an ocean wave knocking at my thoughts.

It is then that creativity captures me and 

enthralls me in the world of literature that

seems to leap off the page.

For there is depth behind these written words,

depth that pours from each phrase and paragraph

weaved together in some new and beautiful meaning.

There is nothing more exciting than reading the words of an author

whom so decides that his words are worth sharing.

I wish to share these words that bleed from my soul,

these thoughts that tear at my mind.

I want to share each terrifying and beautiful idea,

each infinite and heartbreaking story that decides it must be heard.

What are we but broken things that wish to be pieced back together?

What better way to fix yourself than to read the words of another

and realize that you are not alone in thoughts and cravings.

If it is words that destroy us then it is also words that heal us.

I want to heal each broken person with words the define who we are

and who we wish we could be.


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