The Traveling Experience of a Lifetime

Mon, 02/24/2014 - 18:39 -- Rwadley

As a traveling nurse, I would witness such a wide range of cultures and traditions, from Korea's fashion sense to Spain's Flamenco festivals. I would get to live in Denmark and Sweden and the other Nordic countries for a few months to understand from first- hand experience why they are the happiest countries in the world. Each country has its own flavor of phenomenas to participate in...

However, the medical help and physical injuries are the same, no matter where in the world I would be. 

There are still broken bones that need to be set, arms and legs that need to be amputated, cuts and wounds that need to be stitched, and too many more injuries that occur. That's where people with my job and other related occupations come in, and we do our best to do what needs to be done.

I have always had a passion for traveling and a passion for medical work. So why not put the two together to make my dream job a reality?

Well, let's look at how I would get there.

Like anyone going into the nursing profession, I need to go to college for four years to become a Registered Nurse and to get my Bachelors of Science in Nursing. But of course with college comes the financial worries about money. That's the only thing that could be a serious obstacle since I have the support of friends and family. In that case, I'd get a job on campus (or off campus) and make some extra money to help with the costs.

I made it through college! Now what? Before I actually get my dream job, I need experience in nursing, minus the international movements. Fastforward two to three years and I'm ready to actually get on a plane and travel. Money may or may not be an issue depending on my salary, but it wouldn't take too long to save enough to fly. Once that happens, I'm there, on a plane to Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, or another third world country that needs my help. A few months later, another trip to Germany or Italy to assist there. 

Aside from the traveling, giving medical aid to those in need is an eye- opening experience. Seeing other countries' run- down, filthy facilities and knowing the natives of the country have to live with that is heartbreaking, but to make a change in that environment by cleaning up the facility, sterilizing instruments, and making it sanitary is a mission I would look forward to contributing to. 

How can this job change my life? This job would teach me life lessons that my patients would have to learn at the same time. For instance, if a patient dies and the family is crushed because they did not treat my patient very well, I would learn to appreciate everything and everyone I have while I still had it. I just would not have lost a loved one when I learned it.

In my proffesion, it's about teaching and informing people how to take care of themselves and to be safe and stay healthy. That does not mean the patients are incapable of teaching nurses and doctors a lesson or two.


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