The Aspirations of a Faithful Musician


In front of thousands of people

I had a dream I was singing

With my guitar close at hand

What an amazing feeling

But gosh what a feeling

Live performances take courage

What is music

Without a deeper message?


I'm on stage singing my own songs

The croud is in love

This is truly why I play music

It's a gift from above

Yet it's all fading away

Because of cameras and critiques

All they want is to see me fail

Let go of my beliefs


What do I know?

I'm not anyone yet

Let's keep my dreams to dreams

My future is all set

My faith is strong my thoughts are positive

I will no longer be afriad

As long as I believe in myself

Those dreams, will be made


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! Never stop writing, always express your story, your thoughts, your feelings!

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