My dream job


Music connects us all, in ways words never could,

unifying and uniting us for the common good,

lyrics are more to us than just lines on a page,

music is a jem, that is more precious with age,


This medium is my passion, and along with a pen,

i hope to write articles, new words to transend,

over the web, 

and in glossy pages,

Tales of artists, and bands on great stages,


Interviews with singers, and reviews of CD's,

I'll bring musical insight to the fans with great ease.

The road wont be simple, the path could be long,

but none of that matters, if i've the will to hold on


To hold to my dream, a unique one at that,

music journalism won't make my wallet fat,

But that's not my goal, my award to achieve,

mine is the happiness that this job will concieve.


Because writing is what i love,

and music even more,

if my job involves these two,

i couldnt ask for more


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