Paid to live

My mother always taught me,

That your career shouldnt be a job

It shouldnt be where your miserable

And you feel like your ripped off

Rather an activity that you've always been in love

And getting paid for it is something you never could have thought of

I apply this lesson to my love of poetry

Express the joy, the passion, or the woe in me

So the world can realize that they are knowing me

I dream of words and phrases both day in and at night

To become so recognized that my reputation would just ignite

Paid to pick up the pen and display whatever i write

My hope that this will lead me right under the spot light

My  skill will lead me to riches, fame, and galore

Recording studios and screaming fans that all adore

I want the wealth, the power,but most of all the respect

And of course the freedom to write.How could I forget?

 Whether a gift or a curse I must embrace this skill

Because this talent is how I want to pay the bills

The money I would get would go to charitable causes

Ease the burdens of the world as if I were carrying crosses

A philosopher, a thinker, and as well as a giver

My words will educate and make people want to remember

If my  words could be heard I would outdone on what I did

A lyricist is how I want to be paid to live.



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