We dream every night wake up every day wondering to go or to stay. The world needs to change in every possible way but how to do that do we look at today or yesterday. Our history shows us the key to unlocking what we all need to change in the countries. We need to break out of the box and show one another tolerance and love despite the pain. One day I will rise from the rest and show everyone the best of me despite everyone's thought's and futures pushed on me. I have a vision I have a plan no looking back I'm looking forward and seeing a new land a land of the free, going to all these countries teaching them to learn from the ghost's of the past so the peace can last though out eternity. One step at a time that is all I need no more waiting or being patient I am pushing through all the no's and don't's. I can make it so do not break up my dream it seems I'm never going to give up despite the things that stand in between like the money or the greed I can do anything just watch, wait and stay on my team.    


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