The Deep Change

To aid those who have fallen,

To breathe in the air of knowledge,

To know that one made a difference

Makes the world so much better.


My life is drenched in sorrow,

Too many violent, pained people reside in this world;

I see the need there is to be free,

I want to mirror the need,

As I help those struggling to be free,

To be in a less stressful degree.


What a Criminal Psychologist does,

Has kept me on my tips;

I am interested to see, to be, to know,

To make a difference for those with stressful degrees.


My dream job will teach me to be,

The person I was meant be,

The one with the will of an eternity.

The one who loves to be kind and free.


I want order, I want strength,

I want peace to flow so gracefully,

As gracefully as can be. 




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