That one thing....

You know that one thing you love more than life itself?

That thing you breathe and sleep because it just makes you melt.

It's the one thing you would be empty without,

your live would be pointless, it's what you're about.

For me, that is theater, acting on the stage.

Singing my heart, learning to be brave.

To recite the words others have wrote,

and to it perform it well, this is no joke.

I love the feeling, the feeling of free,

to be someone else, that is the key.

Just for a while, maybe a month or a year,

But for broadway I would stay happy,

I would go far and near.

That is my passion, the job I would want,

to spend my life doing, in my dreams it does haunt.

I would climb every mountain, swim every sea,

to spend my life acting, to spend my life free.




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