Since I was 8

I've had this dream since I was eight.

Waiting patiently for the time that I can begin to create

my fantasy

of being in a busy office while I walk around confidently.

I will own my career residency. 

Tight pencil skirt, with a pen behind my ear,

a portfolio in my hand that I obviously hold dear,

Cases that belong to the many clients I possess.

I put each of them before a good night's rest. 


I want to be an attorney and own my own firm.

I want to be the brightest glowing intern.

I want everything that I touch to turn to gold, I want my friends to know that I succeeded


I want to pass my bar exam with flying colors.

I want my salary to reach 6 figures.

I want to buy my mother a new home,

and teach my biological father how to love me and love me alone.


I want to sit at my desk and monitor my employees.

I want to kiss my new jet hello as I take my family to Hawaii.

I've wanted this dream since I was eight,

Now it is time for me to create. 



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