One Job


Jobs mean many things

From stability to money

From a home to food

From a livelihood to a family

To me that one job means freedom

It means that I have the freedom to choose 

The freedom to make my own path

To chose my own destiny

To work for my own life

To become my own person

That job can be the difference between

a good and bad life

enough money to get by or enough money for a family

a small apartment or a home

food or water

electric or dark

one job can change someones lives

Especially if that life is mine

My dream job is to be a Libriarian at the Library of congress

To presserve others dreams,

to tell about others destinies

to tell the story that so many are no longer able to tell

The job would mean me being someone who relives the past in form of stories

instead of leaving the stories behind in the past.


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