Persuit of Passion

Music, lights, warmed up toes

make-up on and ready to show.

Passion, anxiety, the thrill of go

pointe shoes tied and preparing to throw.

Caution to the winds,

Heart to the world,

Fear out the door.


Life, jobs, growing up

all made easier when it's something you love.

Dreams, practice, mind aglow

remembering is nothing when you know.

What you do,

How it goes,

Ready, steady, flow.


Teach, perform, all I need

to be myself and set me free.

Success, pleasure, contentment to see

a career completely right for me.

Dancing by night,

Teaching by day,

All a breath away.


If, only, all the world could view

how much ballet means to get me through.

Study, dance, is all I can be

hoping against hope to do what I do.

Kinesiology to teach,

Ballet to dance,

Failure is not an option.


Need, want, however you say it

auditions around the corner.

Execute, engage, what I need to explore

taking tests and making impressions.

Important people,

Prominent papers,

Lead to a job I thirst for.



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