Saving Lives


Just a year old

when he had his first surgery 

Doctors swarmed around him

to fix his valve and artery


My brother is fine now 

that was sixteen years ago

but growing up with him 

led me to my career goal


Ever since I can remember

I've wanted to be a doctor

Make a difference in the world

and fight the illness monster


Biology and Chemistry 

Calculus and English

Just a few classes

to take until I'm finished


Next up Med school

Four more years of learning

Hope I pass my MCAT 

if not I'll be mourning


Then comes my specialty 

cardiology because of my brother

I want to help kids like him

no longer have to suffer


Another twelve years of education 

until I reach my goal

Times will get tough 

but I must stay controlled


I've dreamed this since I was little

I won't quit until i succeed 

become a cardiologist 

and help a heart beat


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