I'm Not There Yet


I want to ride thru the coastal nights
Instead of questioning my existance under michigan lights
I dont feel real unless it's pretending
I don't want to lose this rush
I feel like its ending
I wasnt meant for this place
I fake a smile to save face 
but im leaving
I'll skip town in a fast back
Or run away on the amtrak 
Im not there yet and it bothers me
I wont be happy till i see theater houses and palm tree's 
I wont be happy till i see millions admire me 
I wont be happy till i hear "and the academy award goes to..."
Until then im waitting hoping that this doesn't last forever
because Im over this place
Im under the hill still young with looks that kill
Let me fake it till i make it 
Let me pretend til you don't hate it
Ill be anything you want me to be
 Its Acting


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