Law Enforcement


Grab my gun,

put on my vest.

Pin my badge,

right on my chest.

get my cuffs

walk out the door

crank my car

but I'm so unsure.

I may never come home again,

to see my this place

to hug my wife,

or see her face.

A dangerous job,

that must be done.

I hug and kiss,

my loving son.

Chasing bad guys,

catching crooks.

Worried about, 

their evil looks.

I speed to calls,

to make arrest.

No matter what,

I do my best.

I put my life,

on the line.

but its ok,

I'm doing fine.

If today I loose my life

I know this the job,

is a simple sacrifice.

From college and training,

to rookie year.

I did, I made it,

I deserve a cheer.

This job is very tough,

by so am I.

Being a cop,

I can not lie.

Its not easy with the stress,

Seeing people hurt,

and in distress.

I take it slowly,

day by day.

Those bad guys cant,

get there way.

Its not a job,

but who I am,

serving, and protecting,

like uncle sam.

Its my dream,

other don't understand,

the joy I get from, 

my protecting hand.

I wouldn't have it,

any other way.

I would be a cop,

on any day. 




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