Chaos of the Designers Mind (Just One Job Scholarship)


I can paint a picture without my hands.

I can sing a song without my lips.

I can see another world without my eyes.

Inside my mind, my dreams run wild.

Money and fame seem so mild.

A true dreamers goal is to see the unseen.

To share in this experience is our real dream.

Design a world they'll never forget;

or even more, make them live in it.

Create a picture that will take their breath away;

or make an image and bring it to life.

Just one job can give an ordinary person

the power to do the extraordinary.

Sell the world and design yet undiscovered,

Or take something, break the mold, and return anew.

It's all in the fingertips of you

and I.  Together, with one job,

We can breathe life back to the world

Or we can take it right out from their chests.


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