Time for work again.



Make money to stay alive.



In this cubicle the beauty outside has started to die.



Money is my boss.



I choose to quit my job today.



To do what I love, to be set free, to have money not control me

To walk the streets at any time of day, sleep in all day and be out all night

To pursue what I love like long hikes and studying bugs

To have the time to drop everything I’m doing and help out to a complete stranger

To take a nap in the middle of a park, to live of the charity of others

To bring a smile, even just clean the streets, to have a new hobby or occupation each day

No routine, no pattern, just go where the wind blows

To laugh at those who die in the pursuit of money

The trap that we all fall into

 The snare of living in a mediocre life in hopes of a better one money can bring

 Yet we work so hard and long we never get to see that day where we are satisfied with our pay

My dream is one that will change the world

To take the focus of the material things in life, to cast away daily strife

Quit your jobs, just say no, don’t go in, don’t even show

The dream job of all is to be a hobo.




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