The Beast in Me

Most people feel the same

Many want money, cars, and fame

Thousands of fans screaming your name

It all depends on how you play the game


To be under the lights, on the stage

I've dreamt of this, since a young age

To let the beast out of the cage

Now all I have to do, is turn the page


Just me and my guitar, my guitar and me

Lots of watts of electricity

On the stage is where we'll be

Someday, you all will see


I cannot write poetry

As well as Ferlinghetti 

I can't be an actor in a movie

As intense as Joe Pesci


I can't write a play 

That can even match Ibsen

I'd rather spend my day

Shredding on my Gibson


I don't wanna be a businessman

Don't wanna be a teacher

I have a much larger plan

To keep music in my future


Bon Scott said it's a long way

A long way to the top

Well, I've got all day

Might as well give it a shot


My life would change forever

With the opportunity

To rock on through the never

From sea to shining sea






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