My Dream Job

Tue, 03/11/2014 - 14:14 -- DeannaJ


United States
21° 23' 34.9008" N, 157° 44' 58.8336" W

From Times Square to San Francisco

 Across the world to Paris, France

A flight to Beijing,

Then south to Venezuela 

or somewhere out of this world in the Milkyway.

Just one job, my dream job, will change my life.

I am about art, creativity, and inspiration.  

I have the skills to inspire what you read and see everyday

Creativity comes from within me.

 Sometimes its not easy to be me. 

I am original 

I can design big or small 

Being detailed is my thing.

I use a pallet of color to paint the pages. 

Sometimes my work is digital 

I use programs like Power Point to make it come alive. 

My inspiration comes from around the world and people just like you.




I am, 

a Graphic Designer


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