I Had A Dream That One Job May Change My Life

I had a dream, that one day I could save lives.

I had a dream that I could make a difference, and my patients in return could change me.

I had a dream that I was a Registered Nurse.

When you are younger no one tells you about the struggles, of how hard and cruel the world can be.

It all started with my dream job, but reality set in. 

I struggled with school, I wasn't always the brightest kid in the bunch, but I had determination.

This determination was a roaring fire within me.

No matter what obstacle was thrown my way, I over came it.

I struggled through death of family and friends, where the accidents that I have experienced shook me.

I struggled through survivors guilt, anxiety and depression.

When I thought that I had nothing left, my determination kept me going. 

I had a dream, and that dream kept burning within me.

I knew that being a Nurse was what I was supposed to be, and I was going to achieve my dream.

I fought for my dream job, pushing myself to the limit and out of my comfort zone.

I conqured my fear.

Even though my plans did not play out how I dreampt them to be, my struggles along the way have taught me.

They have left me with experience that I can now use in my profession.

I now get to pursure my dream job, in hope to help others.

I had a dream, and now I am achieving it.



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