That's Me!


Scrubs eh

Oh, that's what you call these

But that ain’t what I call them

These things right here

I call them my work clothes


Everyday I leave the comfort of my bed

Where to?

Someplace else I call home

No it ain’t no condo

It for sure ain’t a hotel owned by me


Gosh, this place is beautiful

Although the living and death occurs at this place

It still feels like home


The large elevators rocking with beds

Rising to other rooms

The elevators and stairs shaking with

Worried and happy people

The sounds of the machines

Measuring the precious heart

Oh the blood being pulled out

The knifes and needles moving in sync

This is my job

My second home


A life is saved by my knowledge

A worried face turns into a

Jolly face

My life is changed

Success in helping others

Success in making others feel love

It only makes my heart beat in peace


I have helped a life


I’m only living a dream

Bills paid on time

Luxury of what’s needed and wanted,

But am just a medical surgeon

This hard working job you say

Nah, that’s just what I love

That made me, Me!


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