Working To Show Self Worth

My dream, job would be to be a Pyschiatric speicialist. My junior year of high school i was placed in a Psych Ward for attempted suicide. Being in a Psych ward sounds like torture but it was the greatest most life changing experience of my life, i was on a floor with a group of kids from all different walks of life who were there for the same reason as me. Kids who wanted to end their lives, or felt like they weren't important enought to be loved. We went to group therapy and did different activites to help us learn how to get through the situations we're in. Just being in there and listening to these kids stories made me realize my life isn't as horrbile as it felt when i was being talked about by people who i never took a minute to think are people who will be irrelavent to my life the day I graduate. Seeing girls younger then me with cuts on their arms, hearing them say that they feel like they have to starve themselves to be accepted, meeting a girl who is living in poverty and thinks that death would be better then living the life she was given made me realize we can't kill ourselves and we can't stay quiet. This is happening far to much and it's not just in America it's throught the world.  We have to spread awarness and we have to pay attention, there are so many teens/children suffering and their parent's don't even realize what's going on.  I want to be able to help the people who constantly get this feeling that they're not good enough. You can talk behind my back, make fun of me all you want, but at the end of the day i could be your hero and I might not beable to change the world myself but if i can inspire the one who can i've done enough. 


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