Dream Job


I watch my pops get up for work

Sunday, too, no time for church

Eight hour shifts, back to back

He doesn't know how to relax

Change my life? No cheats, no thrills

I just want a job to pay the bills

Not just a job, a well paying career 

My number 1 choice would be Civil Engineer 

I know I'll need to study hard

It'll probably take a toll on my credit card

A student loan and some poetry competitions

I know I'll have to work for my ambitions

But my dad doesn't work just to pay my bills

To solely provide food and cheap thrills

He works to give me my best situation 

To pave my way for my education

And I'll take advantage of his sweat and tears

I'll make my efforts worth his working years

If I could ask for one thing in exchange for my achievements

It would be to pay for a more than mediocre retirement

For my dad,


Dream job




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