The Maker


I am but simple, feeble, and small;

but through what I build, I can inspire

a light in others of infinite fire.

i am but plain, but I can make great and tall,

a image of wonder to spark in all

a new belief and hope of dream.


If i could teach but one story or two,

my life will be full with rejoicing love.

I will help others reach the stars above.

To those that envy and others that rue,

I say there is more for you too.

You can help others and spark with gleam.


Fight to become a maker with me,

to create a story for others to find; 

it will inspire the broken, hopless, and blind.

Then shall we shout with joyous glee;

"We love to make, now we see,

and we love to teach people through our theme!"




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