One Job May Change My Life

If I could have a job,

what would it be?

Would it be the highest chair in my original corportation

or the MTV broadcaster for Jenn and Justin's separation?

Would I travel the world to photograph earth's beauty?

To protect fellow citizen's and serve my duty?

To become the greatest author the New York Times has ever seen?

Or to be the greatest band to step onto the scene.

What would I be?


It doesn't matter to me.

My dream is help  those who can't see

how beautiful they are and how great life can be

when you help others and watch the fruit that you bear

grow more fruit until you step back and say

how did I get here?

What do I want to be?

It doesn't matter to me.

Maybe I'll build my own corporation

built on honesty, humility, and appreciation.

Maybe I'll go and announce on  MTV

that there's more than worrying about fab celebrities.

Maybe I'll photograph things unseen

to bring light into a dark world that cannot come clean.

Maybe I'll go and serve my country 

and do what I can

to bring peace to this land

because they forgot that they're hands

are the ones that have been damaging not healing.

Maybe I'll become an author and write about healing

not in 3 steps, but by how you are treating

you're fellow neighbor who is suffering deep

and how just with a smile their misery can be defeated.

Maybe I'll become the newest band

who watches their actions and understands

that there are kids watching and ears hearing

and will encourage others by the life I am living.

Whatever my dream job,

it won't be easy.

With costs, doubts, and discouragement around me.

"You can't make a living off of what you'll be doing!"
But if I'm not doing that, will I really be living?


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