The Only Thing That Matters



It’s been eighteen years since I took my first breath,

And between the most recent two, I’ve undergone many debates.

I’ve wondered what to do with my life before my inevitable death

And realized my calling was to be President of the United States.


At first I wanted to be a doctor, after seeing a relative fight cancer.

I’d be the one to help cure the worlds’ disease.

But I turned away from years of schooling and academic banter,

Because millions of people, a doctor cannot please.


Then I wanted to be a sports broadcaster,

So that I could give commentary on games.

But the uncertainty kept circulating faster,

As a broadcaster could not solve the world’s pains.


Next it was a chemical engineer,

To utilize my knowledge of science and math.

But all the while there still grew fear,

Of the world yet to come, and its peoples’ wrath.


As I rejected religion and opened my mind,

I overthrew the existing presence that at one point was me.

Now I am much happier and in less of a bind,

As I know of my potential, and what I can be.


The journey continued and I continued to grow

Only to learn more of the evil in this infested place.

All I wanted was to be able to bestow

Hope and progress to better the human race.


There is only one job, one position of power

That is capable of doing such tasks.

As my bedside clock ticks and with every passing hour

I know it is time to remove the mask.


I’d be able to make an impact

And help out those in need.

I’d be able to keep society intact

And truly keep my people freed.


I’d be able to have control

And put my existence to use.

I’d be able to pay the toll

And take on all the public abuse.


People would begin to hate me

Without even giving me a chance.

People would begin to berate me

Before even researching my political stance.


Even more people would try to break me

So that their traditional ways would prevail.

Even more people would likely mistake me

For someone who was destined to fail.


But there would be those who’d see the good

And become active in a new life.

One that hid no wrongdoings underneath a hood

And gave every man, woman, child, husband and wife,


Everything they needed to die happy.

Too long have people been oppressed,

Too long have things gone badly.

I'd be the one to help the depressed.


It matters not how my life would change.

It matters not how I build up my estate.

In a world corrupt and its people misled by the deranged,

It matters that I make it better, by becoming President of the United States.


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