Dear You.

Yes You.

The one who took my life in Richmond.


A lovely place to be....even though my body lies dead on this street.


Where our bonds ran deep. Deeper than any ocean or sea.... Or so that’s what i thought.

See now we were thicker than thieves.

We stayed on the side. Same street, Neighbors.

Same school. Same teacher. Same Grade.

11th grade. In Richmond.


The place where our paths separated.

You were failing. so you dropped out.

But the system failed you. Failed me, but you decided to leave.

While I stayed.

We both graduated. But in different aspects.

You graduated from streets. I graduated from high school.

Graduation in Richmond.


Our worlds where slowing drifting apart even though we try to stay close.

Traditions from our youth we tried to keep. But it seemed impossible.


You were so different. I was so different.


Years come to past.

We’re both married now.

You to the streets. While I had a husband and kids.

Apparently, you still never changed.

Still slinging rocks on the corner in and out the system.

While I am trying to change it. That’s why I came back to help my community.

My Richmond. So kids don’t need to know what it feels like to have a hungry stomach.


The place where our paths separated.

Where out bonds dissipated.

And where our worlds slowly drifted apart.


Shots ring out. Pain in my chest and i feel myself fall.


Now, there’s tears on these streets as mothers weep and the water is enough to fill up rivers deep as the sea. Sirens ring out and i see people surround me.

“Give her air.”  “Is she okay”

I hear them say but mind is racing and my heart is pacing and it hard

to think.

His mother, just like my mother begs and pleads for them not to take her son away

goes on her knees and begs God to take the pain away, yet nothing happens.

My blood lays on the concrete cause these men with their Glocks

don’t know the meaning of ‘ and take a shot’.

You see that its me who lays floor

my blood looked stragically placed around me like a decor,

he drops the gun hands are shaking wides are wide and they show all the fear

he so desperately tried to hide. but. it didn’t work.

I feel my life is slipping fast as my breathe comes out in pants and gasp

i think back about the life i had. no regrets just happiness.

Proud of my accomplishments in helping my hometown with the poverty problem

of my kids and i know my husband will fine.

but my question is will you be fine. with this corrupt system you might

get 25 to life.


A lovely place....

If you over look the faces of hate,


Where my blood runs deep. Deeper than any ocean or sea.


My hometown to the death and as I’m laying on the ground

and taking my final breathe I’m happy that I’m here in Richmond

because there’s no place I rather be.



This is one of the first poems i have ever written 


one of my first poems 

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