Ambition and Pencils


From sketch to full rendering,

The possibility keeps me wondering.

I can bring forth heroic tales of greatness, 

Moments of sheer sadness or happiness. 

With pencil in hand I draw, like a carving knife,

From imagination to breathing life!


With a degree and endless dreams,

I will stand ontop of mountains and scream!

"I made it! This is me! 

The animator I've always longed to be!"

I can leave behind the questioning if I might survive,

I am free to be alive!

If one job might change my life,

I wish for it to be the one I've worked  for with so much strife!


How I long to make this dream reality!

Art is the life for me!

I know I'll reach the stars if I work hard!

Paths and roads to be unbarred!

Not cooking, cleaning nor past reminiscing!

Barista was fun, but a piece of myself was missing.


Bringing life to drawings, overcoming barriers;

Looming deadlines, the more the merrier!

Animation, this one job will change my life!

I will not give up so easy, oh no, not without a fight!

Let destiny unfold in the dust of graphite~


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