Destined To Be


Becoming who I am destined to be

Will put me on covers of VOGUE

It will allot me the favor

Of rubbing elbows with Anna Wintor

It will add new images

And postcards

To the scrapbook of my mind

It will take the bitter taste

Of distance between dreams away

And replace it with a

Tangible taste of nectarous success

It will get me a spot next to Chanel

Gucci, Prada, Fendi

In the nearest Saks Fifth Avenue

 that you could find

It will allow you to find my boutique

Behind the gilded doors of any London, Paris

Or Rome Fashion Villa

But to me it won’t be just a state of coincidence


It is something that I have sacrificed

Strived and cried for

My work will be my art

My testimony

My voice

To say

Anything is possible

Anything can happen

You are always greater than

The surroundings

At which you first find yourself

Fashion Designer

That is who I will be

It’ll change my life

And I’ll change those around me


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