Action! to my Dream Job

Ain’t been many jobs I’ve thought I’d like to have,
In fact there’s only one I love that I’ve seen,
And you know it happens to be directing, film making,
It’s putting movies up on the silver screen.
If I got this job going to work would be like going to play,
There’s too much I love about it I could say,
You know the first reason I fell in love with it- my mind twirled,
When I realized that film makers really do change the world.
And I love the idea of directing films,
Because I remember what it feels like to be down,
Until I stuck that movie in and it made me smile,
I’ve gotta do that for other girls out there, world round!
I love the idea of telling a story through film,
Because I believe film’s the best form of storytelling,
All your senses engaged, all the factors which raged,
To inspire you, excite you, and even to bring the tears welling.
If I can inspire someone else to not give up,
If my movie is enough that someone obsesses over it’s main character,
My dream will have come true, my life would be changed,
And I can tell you, I’d be so fulfilled and much happier.
It would change my life because I could be changing others lives,
Making other lives better with entertainment that ain't gone wrong,
Inspiring others with characters up on the screen,
And my films will be left behind for others, long, long after I'm gone.
Writing a script, my story and idea’s from my mind,
I direct the camera positioning, I tell my actors how to come in,
I talk to my crew before assistant director calls 'Quiet on set!'
I approve the lighting and then I call, “Action!” 
Someday I hope I’ll become a director,
That’s why I’m writing for this scholarship and trying to make it good,
And now hopefully, if I win it’ll be a step closer to the job that’d change my life,
When I’m one step closer to Hollywood.



Filmmaking is the most amazing form of storytelling, the most influential form of media selling. It's a job I'd love to get on, because I know my films will last, long after I'm gone.

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