One Job...


Opportunities and open doors

there's infinite options and combinations

what's there to wait for anymore

If you have the passion you should be embracing

You can't just fold your arms and fall back

to the future you imagine away

Ask me what's there to catch

If you only let it pass your mind day by day

And after that may-

it only fade


If too much time passes you will be robbed

of the sweet dreams you had these days

So give your future a chance

and give it more than a glance

because one job could change your life

because one job may change my life

it's going to change our lives


One wish is that my art will be everywhere

And to keep the darling I'm adoring

This topicality isn't quite fair

so I'm avoiding the romantic stories

There's Success and happiness

may they both tie into my dreams and desire

There's nothing I want more than this-

career that will bring me higher

nothing will be flier

than taking action and be more than hired



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