One Job, My Job


Going back to school, another 3 years,

To many, this thought alone would bring tears.

Not for me however, I am filled with excitement,

To me, that is another 3 short years of enlightment.


Going back to school, to attain my dream career,

To be in the court room, lending a helping hand.

Like others have helped me before, they can see I wound up here,

To be in the court room, testifying in the stand. 


Going back to school, with the desire to help others in need,

Working for the community and the public, to help others be free'd.

This would be my dream, to represent the less fortunate.

This would be my dream, to provide a convincing argument.


Going back to school, to pursue what i've always wanted

Going back to school, no matter what the cost, undaunted



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Going back to law school, hoping to become a city defense attorney and help out those minorities who are wrongly prosecuted

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