If I could...Be an Actress


Tears in my eyes, emptiness in my heart,

I feel like life is falling apart,

Reckless and young,

I stick out my tongue,

And put up my middle finger


For someday they will all linger

To hear me, oh little me

And they will all watch and see

If I could be behind that black box

I would fast forward the clocks


To do the thing I adore

A famous actress I would be for sure!

I’d use my popularity for good

Even trying to help out the hoods


I wish it were so easy though,

To up and leave real life and go

And follow my acting dreams

Though that life is not always what it seems


The pay will start small,

Or not even come at all

Though to see myself in those shiny lights

I would work all day and night


There will always be some “haters”

Though life will bite them in their behinds later

Because it is not about jealousy and anger

Life is a journey that makes us stronger


I will focus on this scheme,

Stitching it together by each seam

With my new powers, I’ll help the fallen and lost

Bearing any costs


But for now I must wait

Until a later date

The day when the camera will only spot me

Shinning on my unique personality


Imagine big, even if you’re small

The world may seem big, but you will stand tall


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