It's the Little Things


"Study" says Mother

"Study" says Father

"Study" says the brother and the sister

And the others


She studies

And studies 

And studies

She gets nowhere


Outside the birds fly by

The bikes ride past 

People's paths cross

Life goes on without her


Her friends graduate with honors

Scholarships are given

She watches

Eyes dark and alone



Found in Law School

Shown in Graduate School

Not seen here


"What will you do" asks the Mother

"What is your salaries" asks the father

"Are you successful" asks the brother and the sister

And the others


She works

And works

And works

She is not content


Watching from the skyscraper window

She sees clouds pass by

Planes fly by 

Time slowly disappearing


The city shines

She in black 

Friends gather in the bar

Eyes black and Mind a-far



White in Weddings

Rebeliance in Youth

Out there alone


"Where is your husband" asks the Mother

"Where are your children" asks the Father

"Where have you been" asks the brother and the sister

And the Others


She looks

And looks

And looks

There is no one around


Outside in the park

A newborn giggles

Magnolias bloom

Life passed by


Alone she weeps 

Beside her sisters black bed

A concrete garden

Gardenias lay on their side



Christmas presents

Thanksgiving dinners

An empty cup in solitude at the table


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