Feel and Grow (One Job power poem)


Heart, truth, love, beauty.


All can be seen in the sound of waves.


The sound of waves originated by the ocean of music.


That by which rolls through our minds like the warm winds of a summer’s day.


Generations before and after today will have experience the amazing power music can possess.


What is a dream?


To be able to possess the ability to make change by imagination, or at least in my perspective.


Music can make it possible.


All those who give music the power to not only save them, but inspire, create, become something by using the magic in their voices, guitars, drums, keys.


How foolish would it be to try and become a musician?


Only as foolish as one wanting to become a doctor. Not at all.


What may be foolish, however, would be not trying because of the fear of failure.


I welcome my fears, for I shall make them perish alongside my other obstacles achieved.


I welcome failure, for in failure I shall learn the error of my ways and grow from them.


Maybe if I grow enough, I could learn from them.


Maybe if I learn from them, I could become successful.


Maybe if I become successful, I could change lives.


Change, it won’t only start with me, but also with you.




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