big break

I'm waiting for the day
The day I get that phone call
That email
To ignite my senses
And collide my childhood day dreams of yesterday
With my childhood mindest of today

That one simple phrase
Can shake mountains
And carry the weight of the world on its shoulders
And come on like the first day of Creation
And make walls guarding me from ambition come crumbling down

"You got the job Preston"

Because it's never just "You got the job"
It's "I believe in you"
It's "You were created for this moment"
It's "Take my hand 'cause I'm a little scared
And you should be too, but that's okay,
Because we are strong
And we are born to walk into new adventures
New opportunities
New life"

"You got the job Preston"

To live a life on the stage ain't easy
To trust that you can be happy pretending to be someone else is a hard pill to swallow
But let me tell you
I don't perform to express someone else's story
I perform to express elements of my own

"You got the job Preston"

That one job
That one break
Not to put me on the map
But to put myself in front of where I was
Is what I look up to
Because myself tomorrow is my icon
And myself in a year is my idol
And myself in 10 years is my hero
And myself in 20 years...
After that one job
That put the ME in soMEbody...
Is all I need

"You got the job Preston" 


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