Wed, 02/12/2014 - 10:17 -- lsslynn

Imagine swimming in the clear blue waters of Skiathos, Greece,

or observing the Mayan temples,

even if they're only in piece;

Reading the love letters Juliet's wall has come to receive,

or exploring the tombs of Egyptian Gods,

if it's something you believe.


We live in a world so big and full of adventures,

Yet most of us stay in the same place until we are old,

and need dentures.

How do we know so much about all of these wonders?

It's with the help of photographers who experience exciting plunders.


Always busy,

never bored;

The only thing needed is your camera and the Lord.

I want to travel the Earth,

and photograph everything from Pompeii,

to where Mary gave birth.


My pictures won't be just for fun and games,

They will show culture,

and that people are more than just names.

I want to show how differently we live our lives,

Yet we have so much in common;

All brothers, cousins, and wives.


In the scheme of the world,

I am only a mere feather.

But with my passion,

I hope to bring the world closer together.








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