Just One Job...One Wish


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United States
33° 9' 14.8212" N, 96° 45' 36.3816" W

As the sun was starting to rise on a nice summer day, she woke up.

Battling breast cancer, she always kept a smile on her face, but hold up.

Changes were about to occur, and maybe not for the best.

Drinking her coffee on the way to the doctor's office, she went in hoping to be blessed.

Every doctor arrived in the room.

Feeling a bit uneasy about the situation, She continued to strive.

Getting bad news wasn't a shock for her any longer.

However, she always hoped for a change, constantly getting stronger.

Instantly, her doctor's mouth dropped.

Just as she was making progress, she found another flop.

Kindly and gently breaking the news to her the docor said “you have a tumor in your brain.”

Leaning out of her seat, she broke down and tried to deal with the pain.

Many thoughts ran through her mind.

Noticing the sadness in her doctor's eyes made matters worse.

Over the next five days she kept in contact with a nurse.

Patiently waiting for a miracle to happen, she felt helpless and hopeless.

Questioning herself on a daily basis, feeling like the coldest.

Right after she thought all hope was gone, she received a phone call.

Surprisingly enough, it was a call from the doctor.

The test results came back negative, “you don't have a tumor at all”

Unusual as it already was, she also said that she survived breast cancer as well.

Various emotions ran through her mind as she cried tears of joy feeling very swell.

With all of the pain she has been through, she could now call herself a survivor.

X-rays after x-rays, test after test, she can now say she is a warrior.

Yearning and learning, she shared her story.

Zillions of people can now look up to her testimony.

One Job. One Wish can change lives

My dream job is to help others strive

Being a doctor or nurse of any kind can save millions

This is why I continue to wish so that my wish can become reality



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