Author in the making

As child I was always asked

"when you grow up, what do you want to be?"

and without a doubt I just knew I wanted to teach

english to be exact

reading stories excited me

the words gliding on the page delighted me 

so i just knew I wanted to teach

english to be exact 

unitl  one day those stories stood out a little less

my feelings those tall tales could not express

so with a pen in one hand and a notebook in the other

I began to write

everything that I wanted my books to say

everything I wanted to happen


that's when i knew I wanted write

I no longer wanted to teach about books

but I wanted my books to be what teahers taught their lessons on

I not may be preforming heart transplants to save  someones life

but my  words have the capaticy  to change someones life

I may not be killing the enemy who is trying to destroy our world

but my words can bring forth a whole new perspective on the world

I have a voice that needs to be heard

if only just one person would listen

but still people ask me what I want to do

only now I bodly reply

I want to write  

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