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                                    Violence against women is simply unacceptable.
  the world with humanity includes the dignity the path of faith the peoples in this prison  care , respect and reason along the way to seasons the part of year humans ,animals hear
Você não é ninguém Como eu não sou ninguém Você é alguém Como eu sou alguém Há uma humanidade
You are nobody As I am nobody You are somebody As I am somebody There’s one humanity Let’s thank God and Jesse
Look deep in the mirrorDo you see color?What do you see?Can you see the sins of the humanity,And the hypocrisy creeping at the doorsteps?Blinded by the murky and muddyGlaucoma of jealousy,
It is Good Friday Remember, remember When, for Jesus, everything was nasty and sour
Love those who love you Appreciate those who appreciate you A dog never bites its owner
Many politicians vociferously lie Many politicians either hide or omit the truth Many times, I sit down quietly in a booth
Liberty has been taken hostage, abducted in many parts Of the world Freedom is often smothered, suffocated in many hearts In this world
Yes, I am thinking about the human race Please note that race has ‘four letters’ And most four-letter words Can cause problems, ills, havocs and wars
That is what the human race has become, A mirage of too many a face, With Broken down dreams And Craved fantasies.
Humanity Began Its End When Value Had A Face  Worth Had No Cost Pricelessness Reaches Attainable, As Worthlessness Became The Currency  Of Forgotten Souls Whose Hearts 
Dreamworld’ssustained dramaselectively alluringleaving uschoking onbroken bits ofdreams andmemories ….Time to awakenfrom sleep!Strip away oxgoadsthat constrain us,
Why limit oneself to a single colorWhen one can enjoy all the colors of the rainbow?Look up and gaze at the stars. The clouds are lowBut only two colors are breaking the door.
Rain sits upon the Autumn leaves,Is wet, cool, and gives gentle breeze.That new life dawns just over the hillWhen April again brings forth fresh drizzle.
The man on the corner with nothing to spare. But who would pause to help him? Watch as people stride past, They do not dare look him in the eyes.
I always wondered why humans made their own rules They made themselves seperate from animals like wolves and tigers, and mules What's the point of elegance and making oneself's rank higher
So It’s CLEAR Now That We’re Living...
Now I TRULY BELIEVE That My Poetic Readings... Reflect A ... Voice of Reason... That’s NOT Always Pleasing... But Deals In Straight Speaking... That REJECTS... Deceiving... !!! And The Type of Glass Ceilings...
So Who Now Knows Which Way To Go ... ??? In This CRAZY Time Where Corona Vibes Are TAKING LIVES ... !!! And Where Protest Lines Are Now Causing Fights ... Because of Race Ties That REALLY AREN’T NICE ... !!!
Every part is my favorite, but one of my favorite favorites is how your favorites have become mine. How every love of yours lies latched to my eyes like
BLACK AND EVERY LIVES MATTER Much more to humanity than being White or Black, no inferiority nor superiority. No African No American and nothang like Asian. All I see on earth is humans.
  listened into the conch of his eyes underneath convergence of contrail planes - woeful notes of a dirge glided  downwind allayed in nosegays of wild flowers  
Why measure me with your yardstick Enduring your arrogance and intellectual spit
We’re sorry this place is reserved for another It’s not your skin or your color Nor the name of your mother
Bringing you home Talcum powder delight Our first bath
I love you!   Heard around the world, those three words mean so much
When you think the sky is falling That you’ve missed your life’s calling
American Slave is easier to spell Than it is to dispel The numerous lies and myths
I wish I be a winner, for I've came a long way & still I got so far to go being a racer. Ride all day I think I lost my way. But love on my mind ain't a player.
I wish one day I would wake up when everyone is minding their own business, Being determined with profit not loss, Engaged in their lives rather than their minded wives,
i am not afraid of the burns they are merely proof that i lived
THIS Piece of Poetry Is To... My Mans'... !!!!!! Whether... GOOD or BAD... !!! RESPECT To BADMan... NOT For Being BAD... !!!
Everyone’s screaming just out of sync,  everyone’s begging for someone  to please  be proud,  please,  tell me I’m worth loving, 
WE are the priveledged ones, taking these deaths as our time to have fun. WE are not affected and WE cannot be told what to do, as the rest of the world stands silent and blue.  
Some People Are EVIL ... !!! Some People Are Nice ... Some People Believe ... In The Lies They Contrive ... Black People White People Yes ALL TYPES of People ... !!!
Like the sound of distant coughing the masks of people’s courage fail and we flail in amongst our daydreaming fears the tears of beast we don’t normally acknowledge 
if you can't believe in yourself, you can leave the task to me when you're feeling worthless know that you matter to me because when i look at the world,
So What Is The Position of The ... " Human Condition " ... ???
Humanity, I love you for you bring me  to my knees. You've taught me to be patient, kind, but also  how to breath. When I started  working with  people who have nothing and 
So What Does LOVE REALLY Mean To You .... ??? Your Lovers' Touch Or The Things They DO .... ??? That Make You FEEL Your Love Is REAL ... ?!?
Soil- beneath our feet, the ground on which we stand pulverized rock and organic matter- a rich humus fertile catalyst womb for seed- for sprouting- thus, growth.
The inhalation after the sprint. The rain after the drought. The forgiveness after the wrong. The human capacity to love and to choose love and to choose love and to choose love amidst despair,
I SEE ALL BLACK....... I fear of being all black..... If it goes on how it is... I fear It could be all black... If it's not the call to end up violence.. If it's not the dawn for a new society...
We believe if we were to confess what we believe Everything we ever knew and loved... we would be free Arm in arm, carefree as can be Reminiscing about our life before and what we would do
Intelligence laughing at us in the wind people being flown as kites in another part of the universe laughing in the wind at how small we really are not unique special or intelligent gliding in the wind brown, Black, tan, white where color is only
An old Man lies dying  In the cradle of his birth. Choking, Burning. His breath grows shallow, And his eyes fade dim. In doom, he is
Death, a cold ice that freezes our bloom A known silence that constantly loomsIt’s our final reward after the race;From where it comes, no one can traceBut patiently at the finish line, it awaits 
I am a man  A simple, 2 bells and one whistle man. I do not fear my existence. I just am. My saying this should not offend you. I certainly mean no harm.
Meaning of life is what, To search it i travelled alot, Far and wide, areas so vast, Went to scholars from saints i asked, All the answers for me were vague, From my question now everyone was plagued,
Meaning of life is what, To search it i travelled alot, Far and wide, areas so vast, Went to scholars from saints i asked, All the answers for me were vague, From my question now everyone was plagued,
Vide la catastrofe e la chiamò bellaVide distruzione e la chiamò coscienza.   Hai visto una stella collassare Ordinati a numeri primi gli universi incrociati a perfezione,una sterile bellezza
We are not sharks: We have the gift  of stillness.  We do not have to keep moving  to keep the air flowing through us,
You begin to understand the flow a little more as you go  This much I know. Never here nor there, It’s ethereal All around us, in the air.   It’s all around you  There’s no denying it   
Black or white Red or Blue Left or right Right or wrong Good or evil Truth or Lie
This little part, our corner Our little dot in the galaxy We’ve made something for ourselves, didn’t we?
This view reminds me of a Norwegian fjord though I’ve never seen one in my life. The magnificent rocks
The world, a child  her mind, a chamber  for nurtouring thoughts  no creature could blame her   stained skin  with blood so pure  they crave for her veins  In search for a cure 
Fear is not a concept, but a limitation Which disables risk across the nation. Overcoming these fears is the key To allow you to become, to be. Fear only disables perception And causes us to make an exception
The soft green blades graze against my handMy careful ears hear the wind playing so grandMy blind eyes can only see a red blurSome delicious food in my hand I preferThe animals come watch and stare
the greatest crime in the human timeline is that we killed each other enough to think it’s fine for a baby girl to hold a gun, count to nine
I've born many a days Not ever sure that another would come And yet another one arrives Because it is not up to me to decide It's a gift that I cannot deny And the day that is last Is much too far off
Люди восхитительны в толпе приятных апельсиновых веснушек вокруг всех будничных пасмурных тушек ты найдешь свое сияние
A Big Blue World Full of Dreams Shimmers Before Me. A Wish
I do not Know you,.. Why are you here? ..Fuckyou,.. Why do you Plague me so,.? It isn’t yourLife for me.., Be gone from our home don’t fuckwith my head this ways.. Do you even romance your
There's mystery in the depths of the sea. She is like a second home to me;  It's a place where I want to see miracles and breathe tranquility. She is the most beautiful of all existence.
"You're something else!" they say."Well aware," I reply.Strangers assess my stateUltimately leaving me there to die.  
I am you You are me We all have issues We all have strengths. So why? Why am I judged? Why do you make assumptions Pass judgement Ignore who I am.
Regardless of: what we look like, what we wear, who we choose to love with care   We must come together on what makes us the same
It’s hard to believe how far we’ve comeAs we go from learning to walk and talkTo misunderstanding war and lovePandora’s box has a brand new lock
  The fields bloody, The corpses unmoving, Hope shattered, Pain as if blooming.. Is this what’s left?
Tuesdays and Thursdays were like Shuffling feet Donuts to eat
Has anyone gone Carol-ing lately?Have you bellowed out a tune?Laced with rhythms and bluesBeats that dance on their ownHave you rhymed your time?Redeeming the precious secondsOf a new day
Individualized with status and personality, People are nonetheless the same. Religious beliefs, race, and anatomy— All flow in a similar vein.  
I have seen into the eyes of a stranger I have walked the footsteps of a refugee I have heard the soldiers commands on the battlefield I have felt the sorrow for someone I have never met
Poetry is an insight to the soulPowerful images built with wordsEmotions drawn from rhymeThere is a world in poetryA story to be heard and cherishedLike a book condensed to linesSimple phrases, hidden meanings Look at a person like a poemAnalyse,
A rock falling lopsided through space. Yet, we the tenants of such an obscurity, Consider ourselves to be the makers of God. With black powder and fossil fuels we go rushing through the blackness,
I believe in people. I believe in the shuffle of feet To accomodate peers on the bus. I believe in the baristas Who leave art in their lattes. I believe in the man dancing down the sidewalk
I can't show you what I've been thru, I can only show you what I look like. I can't show you what its like to be me, I can only show you what I like. I can only show you.
Put down the pen for just a moment.  Writing doesn't feed the poor.  Pamphlets cannot house an orphan, Fliers don't eradicate gore. You're offended by middle fingers, But war and famine are okay.
I died nine times to spare the others, I could spare nine lives to save my own. Perspective is a selfish heathen, human decency can't stand alone. We do not care about another. We only care about ourselves. We do good deeds to make us happy.
Humanity knows nothing, and everything is a question, from the insignificant to the minutely less insignificant, like why did I have a bad day, and why does the universe exist.
What do we do when our loved ones need us? When do we decide to jump to their aid? Where do we go when they leave us in the dust? Why do we let them take advantage of us?  
It has been months The vultures take turns feeding on my flesh I dont know how after all of the harsh weather my remains are fresh   I dont know if i should be vulgar like this
young children are dying daily in Syria   Kashmir is bleeding daily   Yemen is crying daily   Panjab is still recovering from the tears of 1947 blood and tears is what is filled the radcliffe line 
It is I, but you probably don’t know me. Because I am a somebody nobody sees. Of course you may see --as we are all capable of doing-- but your eyes glance over me,
Dear ETs, I’m sorry, I cannot find a way To bring myself to fully answer your question Regarding humanity’s ending passage of days;
A person who brings about my jubilee,is the one I found in the oddest way. It was there then she told to me,"For the love I miss is uncertain,the love you give is to me." Never letting go I wish to see,to her, my sweet jubilee.I see my star with h
leave no trace hear the chest rise and fall the laugh echoing underneath the soles of feet camouflaging as pulses and hiding as dust
You sit on the concrete slab in the hot sun. You live there, it is your home.  
Do we hold our world in the palm of our hand? We pretend we are in control, But all human actions must end.   Water. Air. Wind, Earth, and Fire.
Within the deep black of space, lies the possibility to explore and discover more than we can ever hope to. Imagine the endless possibilities.
Look around you weary traveler I promise it is grand If you could but shed The sadness with you stand   To grief filled eyes The rain mirrors tears But brighten and be wise
  I may have believed in God But I always thought the devil was a farce Sitting in the cramped closet of a church for Sunday School
We are the unfortunate ones, The ones forged by ash and claimed by fire, The ones whose whispers they hear as they dance through the blood red sky,
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Face flat -  cold cement Strings that hold - strings that break All the things that you said- Meaningless.   Yet.We defy. Nature. The odds. Authority. We fly. We soar. We breathe. We die.
We are who we are       But we are still all human No matter how vast the world we live in
I've risen up from the bottom I’ve free fallen from the top I'm down to earth But the free fall never stopped I was eventually battered by the waves
The Black (pt. 3) In the farthest field there is a deep pit A wound, proclaimed in the dusty outreaches Of sweeping grass element Which now and again bubbles and Blossoms
We are not our brother’s Keeper but that does not make us his Executioner. What right have we to take other’s lives from them, like a thief in the night?
I’m a woman, and I am angry.   I am angry that I have to do more, Learn more, Pay more, Work more, Take more.  
There is a forest A dim forest full of dusky trees and damp moss Tiny critters that scuttle about Weaving in between the roots of dying oaks and already dead birches
They had a Life full of Fun, neighbours and Family; Disaster struck and tore it all apart leaving them Funny; where use to be home is now pile of sand, stones and nothing...
Much is wrong with our society, Treating people like scum, This causes some to turn to anarchy, But choas without purpose is dumb.   We all have a lesson to learn, Unity is the way to peace,
Dear future,   Life is beautiful, brilliant and glorious, To be able to look outside and see the plants shake and the moon glow, To breathe and watch nature's luxuriance,
Dear you,   If you haven't heard it today I believe in you, even though we've never met. I believe in you because I know it is hard to believe in yourself,
The horn calls The sky falls The wind blows With the sun aglow The soldiers toiled in their plight The bird on the trees took head and took flight Violence for ages, sun up till sundown
Can you hear me now? As I call out into the silence shattering the illusion of peace only to refill the space with the weeping of the mourning, and groaning of the dead, the screaming of the innocent
I count the stars, splattered across the black marble counter, waiting for something. Waiting for the light of morning, waiting for some meaning, waiting to see something more.
there is a girl with gaps between her teeth, and with hair loose and uncontrolled that wraps around your fingers like vines around a hardened trunk.   there is a girl
It's nice outside I might not hide Away I go I'll buy a box of mysteries Maybe filled with histories I wouldn't know Happened to skip a meal today Saw the bills I forgot to pay Away I go
We are all cardinals in the night,  standing bloodred against the shadows as we strive to hide.    Our feathers conceal tears  which have sprung from our veins.    Soar to the sky. 
Because I love you I will s m o o t h out your hair whenever you get frustrated Because I love you I will watch movies I. Don’t. Like. Because I love you I will go on adventures with you  
We are all ruled by time Our life ticks away Seconds, minutes, hours at a time We all begin wound Our cogs meshing and turning Just simple time pieces Ticking away Freat clocks and wrist watches
We are all ruled by time Our life ticks away Seconds, minutes, hours at a time We all begin wound Our cogs meshing and turning Just simple time pieces Ticking away Freat clocks and wrist watches
You wake up in the morning, terrified to leave your home ‘cause you know someone will shoot you if you’re out on your own. You contemplate wearing that black hoodie in your closet,
A hockey team skates slowly over thin ice. Lonely but not alone, the goalie stands, Guarding a meaningless area That has been assigned temporary meaning. Her head held high, she takes the puck,
A humble woe am I With many compassions But no motion for emotion For there is no commotion In this non-amorous notion   A lad, Seeking nothing but the joyfulness In everyday animation.
The night before, I dreamt of oblivion.  Alone in this world Yelling into the void And out of my indecision.                        A mere two words prompting a connection beyond. 
Forever towards elusive horizons,  Driving away our primitive fear,  An endeavor at best.    Blurs of men zoom past,  Ghosts of ambition,  Echoes of monotony.    Vaguely human
There is a stupidity in this world. It drifts from person to person And it lingers in crowds. It is subtle but so widely stretched It encompasses the whole of humanity.
Is possible to be who you are when the whole world is against you? Does it matter if you know who you are if the ones you cherish will only reject you To be who you are is to experience pain
No one is ever there to hold your head above water while you're drowning keeping them dry. They hover above you and look down on you with idle hands. Staring straight into​ your pleading eyes telling you to help your damn self.
I'm sick of waiting for the world to pass on judgement. I'm sick of waiting for its punishment. I'm sick of being afraid of what is to come whether it is ot bring joy or if it is to bring tradgedy.
Under one nation What is one nation We fight a war for peace Please Its all an excuse To hide from the truth We are never satisfied We live a life smothered in lies.
To keep ourselves from going mad, we tell ourselves little lies. "He didn't mean it in that way, it was an accident, it's my fault, he didn't know what he was doing".
Algo está pasando Que hemos visto antes. La gente está temblando Tienes que poner tus guantes Y prepárate a luchar Que el presidente está ganando Que sigues ciegamente como ganado
The blood that runs through my veins is the courage I feel when I arise each morning.  
The blood that runs through my veins is the courage I feel when I arise each morning.  
Another gust of wind arises, awakening the silent world.   The trees talk with their rustling ferns communicating with an unknown code.   They speak of fear and plead and pray.  
A plethora of people from everywhere have seen it unfortunately, but will they ever feel it, live it, breathe it, or know it? I know I live it and am a nominee, but have not physically endured it - thank God.
Person of color. I am a person of color in a land full of free, white men. I am living under rights first given to only free, white men.   
You know I think it's kind of funny How we say, almost excessively, that are now a more connected humanity in this, the "amazing" 21st century. I mean, "We're more connected than ever!", right?
A second class citizen or maybe a third, To be first you must be rich, no matter how absurd. You get points if your white, or have a nice sounding name,  For the Latoya's and A-Arons, you'll get naught but shame.
Father God, Mother Earth, Working hard, but what’s it worth? We each other both in flesh and in spirit, We ignore the Mother’s crys, can you hear it? Our trees are burning into ash,
I never ever claimed to be a lyrical genius or one who spit words from the top of my cranium that could make you so furious because the truth has the effect to cause major pain in sum.   
Loved Replaced Abandoned Birds flying in bright sky people gathering feathers to make jewerly succulent being abandoned in the desert ,but being bought for aesthetics 
“America the Beautiful” is under siege. People destroying their own cities - through violence and ignorance - a horrific sight to see.
We’re all different flowers, born at different hours But we’re all the same, blown away by the day With different names,
He marches side by side With the one who cries, "Equality!" Enraged, they wreck and thrash. Their lips read, "White trash!"   Across the lane she stands, Blindfolded to the carnage behind.
These days children are crying Old people are dying The privileged are whining "Why can't everyone have MediCare!" "That's so not fair!"
She stands a witness to history's changes And winces at corrupted exchanges The howls of her children burn her ears As liberty bursts into tears Unable to fight back; unable to save
The Irony in Having the Name “Hope” H.C.   My name is Hope and I may be white But that does not mean that I am blind To the violence To the discrimination
When I say BLACK LIVE MATTER, this is what I mean; Imagine me before a wild uncontrollable fire with a fire Extinguisher in my hand, it is all I have to beat back the Flames that threaten to devour me. When I say,
As days turned to years And faces grew lined  Time grew scarce And harder to find And somewhere between the tick And the tock The face of our God became The face of our clock
  You ask what is race, something simple as a face, the color of the skin, or your fellow kin. There is a blank space
Perhaps the world is naught but a bubble, hovering and twirling with the winds of Fate- 'oer sands of Time, and Wonder. Our hourglass past a fading dream- the spark of Hope snuffed like a candle in the breeze.
Built upon bloodshed and mass genocide maybe the color of my skin did dictate innocent lives   We probably did take it all away The culture, the land, the native beauty
The attack of a great fiend, As everything comes to an end, Black smoke fills the sky, Tears fill swollen eyes, Innocence disappears, Through the walls death peers, Fire burns at all costs,
SOMETIMES I SHRINK Back from it all. There are a million bows to tie. Why should I be studious? Maybe if I were a kid again I wouldn’t be spoiled rotten. I never claimed to understand potential.
Awareness is a word in which we tend to agree, something that inspires us to set the lost people free.  We listen to the presentations, see the kids suffering from malnutrition, the hunger in their eyes, the bloated bellies.
My face and body are human as can be. How come however why don't I feel a part of humanity?   I look through eyes and something joins me. What is this being that is cohabitating, what can it be?  
My eyes are unsheltered  My eyes see the disaster  My eyes see all the triumph What do you see? Do you walk blindly with your eyes sealed up with threads?  Do you see as I see or do you blink ?
The smiles The acting The way people don't notice All I want is someone to care To think To understand
Here I am, an inferno in my heart A passion made of stone, A love made so exquisite. Humanity is not the same,  Yet I can not see myself inside An envelope of development. There be spirals of letters,
He said it was a moment of darkness, Yes we know Some of us far too well, The deafening echo of the death bell;  in an instance a family is draped in sadness.   And now we question ourselves
We're spreading the odors Name calling like ogers  World full of freeloaders  Bloaters  Sugar coaters  Quickly speeding others gears  Like motors  She's a true devoter  Motivater 
One father is strong enough to bring up a hundred sons that is not easy but very tough and can face a hundred guns
Level, growing in being. different phases, different stages. Increments, take it a day at a time. make the best of what your given.
We fall we get back up We crawl we learn to walk We sing we let out sorrow We revolt we change the outcome
Souls stride with unbridled passion, Beings coalescing into a society as A heterogeneous fluid of Raw, fearlessly flawed humanity.   Yet why is it
I wake up every morning from a world of illusion. I open my eyes to a world of pollution, Mental disillusion And emotional confusion.   I am that societal contusion of mental dilution.
It's more than just tissues and bone. It's more than just a pretty face or nice clothes. It's more than knowing right from wrong. It's more than your name or your favorite song.
Forlonness and dejection tear at my heart Serrated claws ripping flesh apart Searing pain pulsates through a body so maimed Burning gaze from icy daggers aimed at my shame Are we not the same?
In the biting cold I walk, Barefoot and in tattered attire, My dirty pants, ripped at the knees, Folded at the waist and tied to my body By an old and dirty rope coming apart, This is me, this is morning,
The night sky spoke for itself. Emitting perpetual promise, Unlike the pretense of your idols.   Your lens dotted with the dust of pastors,  Fear of heaven, Mine clear with the spotless faith in
She painted the world In shades of blue, Violet, and green.
  It was at the tender age of 11, In which I entered this place called Poetry Heaven. I had a little taste of Shakespeare,Dickinson, Angelou and Hughes,
Stop pretending you are so nice, Hidden in the world like dirty mice. Faking a sugary smile with a honey voice, Taking a knife to your victims of choice. You are weak because you can't keep quiet,
What does Poetry mean to me? The words in my head that I can't get out. That's Poetry. My fingers flwing over keys as my head clicks along. That's Poetry. Poetry is me. With a computer. And my brain.
A jumble of thoughts Bunch of nonsense Meaningless atoms Combined into ashes An infinite void Of blinding black Of looming white Everything explodes Into beautiful nothing
I want to make a distinction Between “human” and Homo sapiens “Human” is my choice Homo sapiens is my species And I want to make a distinction Between “animal” and “Animalia”
Maybe I am ill, Perhaps I am not, But the issues many of us face Remain unseen. So I ask that people read along. Look into my head, And into what I have seen. This is why I write my poetry.
What if instead of spreading negativity, we shared love? What if instead of cursing names, we didn't judge? What if we instead of watching someone barely stand,
“Evening Suns” Twilight sets as a black night approaches Stars twinkle passionately “Morning Stars” Crack of dawn greets us before noon is here
I am Human. I make Mistakes. I get in Trouble. I am not Perfect.
Wickedness lurks in the minds of many A cloud of darkness that conceals all grace. Death and destruction of which there is plenty Exists in excess in this wretched place. But something redeems the people on Earth,
If the world were to crash and burn, And all life ceased to exist. What would be my biggest concern? What one thing, I could not resist?   With not a caring soul or a comforting sound
a discussion with a friend about Extroversion and Introversion  led to this: you're spending the Rest of your life on an island. if you had the choice between living in Solitude
To live without contact is to never feel a thing, To live without humanity is to throw away compassion, I shall never live without human contact. I do not crave discrimination, corruption, or demoralization.
I sit and ponder to the melody of muse, Doth time control all, or am I misguided? For if any soul be more than a mindless misuse, and while passion’s crucial catalyst remains undecided,
  Valuable in my Eyes   The artistic sky Paints a picture of freedom For lone gulls to fly.   On this island, “Perfect” can’t even describe the happiness that These warm currents bring.
Humans are creatures of communication and of isolation. Like a mixture or light and darkness, a perfect shade of grey. Other people give us purpose and thoughts, without one or the other, we perish.
Sometimes we feel lonely We feel like, if we don't have somebody, then we have nobody. To feel appreciated it feels like we need have a body. A voice, a tone, something to be heard.
It is inside of us, That which I cannot live without. It gives us spirit, And our strength, and our warmth and our hearts.  
I find my mind will change itself. My body will decay. My thoughts, my dreams, my aspirations turn to low vibrations and whither away. All of these material things that some hold dear to Heart...
I stand, alone. Here, with no path to expression,  no world through which I can escape. I am a man, trapped. But memory surves. I am not alone. I have with me the power to create worlds,
As the world lay in ruin, I asked myself,"Did it Pass?" Did the horrible war that forced us to conform,Did the preachers whom to God they're sworn,Did the witches,Died of execution form? Is it past,The reign of terror?The fog through which is uncl
Have Faith Faith we cannot live without A life without it, Is it a life at all? No The idea of believing that crumbling humanity will overcome the odds
Swirling chaos engulfs my feet Yet my heart is a welcoming port As those wicked waves batter the gentle world                 Endlessly                                 Thoughtlessly
What we want is always changing as a kid it started with a new toy and then begun the inevitable aging then we just wanted to be employed  
O Hunter ! Beware of the fury of a wounded tigress for if not treated with love and care
As supposed morally perfect humansWe detest the idea of irrational Four letter words. We avoid saying them aroundChildren, covering their earsTell them to hum lullabies Think happy thoughts
As the sun rises And the world awakens And the day commences Humanity starts over again   Each day brings in new surprises New rules to add to the book New concepts to get rid of
The melanin of our skin tones are enough to spark controversy Gun violence, Police brutality, Black on black crimes… Humanity?!
I love too hard But doesn’t that me human But doesn’t that make us human We find that one We think is the one Because we feel in our souls they’re right Because we feel we can’t go without them
One thing that's been both a blessing and a curse in my life is my ability to see all that's amazingly good in a person; and those are the parts I fallin love with.
Standing in an empty room bread in hand all I can do is eat. The walls are covered with life unfurling tendrils vines winding their way to truth.
I see the earth cleaved in two, The tides drive away, Sweet angels mourning, As night befalls decay. The crash implores the heavy sighs Of men dying for a breath, Signalling the final song
You are the tears that stain these pages You create pain that lasts for ages You are the wind that rips cities apart You are the words that break so many hearts You are the mind that spawns he lies
To be scared is to be alive. It is the thing that stops us, Prevents us from harming ourselves. It’s why we don’t jump out of windows, Why we don’t stab our eyes, Why we leave spiders alone.
I stand among scattered ashes of humanity My heart beats with the rythmn of the digital age. These eyes reflect imploding constellations Two feet tread the boulevard of broken dreams.
Spare me those tears And grant me your ears The day is no more young The sun is threading home Take off your dark lenses And behold the beauty The beauty of your dirt
There was a man who ventured off to pillage and to rape Gluttons had consumed their home though they left not to escape Greeted on the shore by people he called lovely
Before I came I was nervous, but I became like a man in worship.I stripped off the shells of my insecurity, and embraced a new vision of surety.I found myself among so many flags, all these different colors and rags.
I am free.
Our words are forgotten as our memories return. They stopped, and time froze around us. Enclosing us to this very spot, this very moment. And although there is such a hatred that plagues our world.
I am but a mere quirk in the face of billions, shifting my way down on a path that shall leave me dispersed.     Times have shaped the outline of my brain, leaving me so estranged from the me of the past,
To the humane eye A diamond is of the greatest worth So crystalline, unbreakable Knowing its untimely value since birth
I am passionate and humble. I wonder what the future holds for humanity for it seems it desires to be hugged lovingly. I hear “friends” snickering and mumbling behind each other’s backs.
Teeth bared in the moonlight As blood drips down her face The look on his face is priceless,
Looking at the ground,
Intricate, determined, and generally all about, What is it that has them so intrigued? Is it the air? Is it the world? Is it the businesses of others? That makes these people tick?  
Bones bones bones
I'm trapped in a room where the door is always open When I try to flee I find a sadder story has been awoken For I have wondered into yet another cell Only a grander stage in which to scream and yell  
Random acts of kindness to the strangers we don’t know. Anonymously letting our secret personality show. We are humans that have universes living within.
Can't youcan't you seeI got a dreamjust to beme, myself, and ICan't youcan't you knowI am alivelivingto get by
Corruption uses those faces Beautiful faces Have control in reality and illusion Spawning death everywhere   We need those pretty faces That inspire and hypnotize
As young people, we are told "Be yourself; noone can do it for you." That is awesome.   Then we grow older And ourselves are not what anyone expected. That is awesome.  
Sitting on the outside of the prison cell stari
You can be stoic or Mesozoic,Euphoric or prehistoric,A philosophic sage orA hot tropic age yetThe fossils of your past,In the striations of your heart,Unveil the truth at last—
I’m just so tired of all this ad nebulosityBeing lectured on engine wear and motor oil viscosityBeing told I need drugs for emotional well-beingBecause I’m so stressed with all the violence I’m seeing
Wily charms of erected façades placatethe dissimulated crowds of unreasonabilitywaiting to laud falsity to heights unwarrantedwithin this impossible dream-of-a-life covered by
  Such gallant knight  went down in flightsuccumbing to the shadow  lured to his death  by whisper's breathwhile seeking El Dorado.  Came the shade  within the glade
He stared at the mirror untilhis reflection moved differentthus revealing his enemythis doppelganger hiddenbehind his dresser glass.He punched—shattered itscattering this entity into
Stupendously surreptitiousInnuendo on the rocks.Deliciously denigrated,Drunken with the fox.Imbibed and steeped like Earl Grey,Steaming under the white collarOf studio-excellent executivism.
There was a fundamental disconnectas he thrust out his hand to shakemine and missed three feet wide.One eye looked off left and the otherseemed to stare right through me.
I felt the burly city too,Of brick and horns and sirens,Of rusty metal and broken glass,Of monolithic stone reachingFor the underside of space,And despite the raw strength of it all
He saw the cloudsand took his umbrellaon his sleepy carousel liferound and roundup and downeighty floors highto eradicate his stack of papersbefore his noon expedition
Nature likes citieskeeps man stackedon top of each otherout of her wayso she can roam freein fields and mountainsdown gentle streams .
    Observing the vestiges of common humanity    I am engulfed in processes that are    reminiscent of the ages when obfuscation    was predominantly a matter of    undiscovered science converging into a
He thought he shared the universe with all;Heard many voices in response remandAn inundation—words unlike his call,From the desert-bare cliff across the sand.Some morning from the parched and thirsty ground
   They say I’m waxing philosophic.But it’s only a car and so what if I like it shinyit’s mine and it reflects the sky, the sun, the moon,the stars and, in a way, me, connecting me to the universe
Liquid bodiesfluid mindswhy not heartsthat freely pour?They congeallike Jell-O on ice—for a timethen calcifyin reticent mineralitycompounding the granite wall
It’s up to us to make it workbut how can weif death holds sway?And yet I still say:no, waitone minute now, shut your eyessee it therein your mind’s eyeshining from afar
Fossil fashions,The relics of yesterday,I dig through my drawers.TV, radio, papers, people,A thousand words a second,A downpour floods my garden.The sun shines on all,
I've been told that the world is not rainbows and sunshine. That's fine. But what is it do you want this world to be?   Because everything in this world is the same:
How easy it is to lose what we cling to! How fragile, these shining lives, how easily extinguished, yet how beautiful.   Our bones - reliable, powerful, wonderfully crafted, are but toothpicks 
Follow me in to the great bright light Where courage knows no cowardice And fear has no place among the bold   Follow me in to the rich golden light Where dreams are achieved
A tree standing as a soldier on the front lines dives into a burning ocean  of glorious flickers and flames: A tree that does not make a sound, because nothing is there to hear it splash. 
Mediocrity is dominant in the addressing of global issues.  'The world will heal, just give it time.'  That time is mine granted by
Look down neat squares of concrete march past straight corners and perfect lines Look ahead glazed eyes move with measured pace fresh minds and stale thoughts Look up
I am in love No, not with a boy That could never be enough for me I am in love with humans With the taste of rain And acts of kindness So if you want my heart It's taken
We're condemn to this life Whether we like it or not To wither away And fall to our death The cycle begins All over again
As I look for my new spiral notebook in the morning I see this old spiral notebook the yellow spiral notebook before that yellow spiral notebook, there were many spiral notebooks  
Heavy, wet, warm, suffocation settles
The First Day I heard - Eye for an Eye I became so happy I thought is he giving me a letter -i for another -i Or is he High or should I just say Hi?
The beauty of the sky, a lake of blue to own a piece of this glory beyond. God's creation gathered round He knows who, on the eve of the beginning he dawned. A forest of majestic green wonder
Close your
Fear and joy go hand in hand Resent for the other is not what I intend For both can lead to either's path And why the frightening can make me laugh   Morality is a skewed philosophy
I love TV and all its perfectness.
even within nature we are confined  in chains   from the depths we crawled    toward the sun     into the trees      wiping sweat from our brows       liberty
Here is a poem About a flawless person:           It does not exist.  Everyone has their flaws.  Some people are kind of clumsy. Others simply are very shy.
Who are you to tell me what I am and what I’m not Where I come from, where I’ll go What I have been through and what I’ve seen What I will go through and what I’ll be Who are you to say I am wrong
The tears that are surfacing upon my eyes and leaving glistening trails of a salty substance are not there for the comfort you had given me.
As the government cleans itself, it sees what is outside itself as more dirty.
Ode to the lost ones who are just trying to make a dime from a nickel Ode to the crazies who are all out of options Ode to the fuckers who give us crap about how "You're poor because you're lazy"
Energy, Great, Cute     Why do I need a filter?  Fun, Sarcastic, Sweet     Why do I need to be fake?  Nice, Helpful, Talented?        I don't need a filter to live. 
People, in life, learn to see Themselves just as titles--
Her hair is a mess, her eyes are swollen
they look at me and all agree they think im a stuck up white girl like, "she probably gets all her shit for free" ive got blonde hair, blue eyes. and my skintone is real white
  I am Invisible, Determined I wonder when I will be heard I hear a faint whisper I see a hand held out
I squeal in the silence of my bedroom When I am excited Because I am just me   I sing out loud While my headphones are on Because I am just me   I listen to myself talk
I grew up in a world, el mundo, le monde, of seven billion people.  Everyday this number grows and grows and trust me it shows and shows.  From the depleted renewable resources,
In the truth that is the existence of the world, We are the instigators of change; Of the Future. As we march forward into this new age, we are evolving into gods. The gods that we had once worshipped.
Mirror, Mirror, on the wall. Who's the fairest of them all? Don't be scared to look at your reflection. Everyone is different, you're the perfect complexion.   Even when your hair is a mess.
Where is my planner?  Oh surprise, more homework*sad face *
I am so fucking flawless, yet no one cares to notice. The words I can say make me seem outspoken. If I was on survival island I would never be out voted. Know why? Because I'm that fucking flawless.
I am a girl
Why is it that all people seeIs evilness and crueltyIn our world today?It might be because our world is full of nothingbut cruelty and evilness.
The mistakes will happen All you can do is learn from them Because you know what? We are only human.   You've got to live through the embarassing stories The humiliating moments The scary times
Surrounded by my brothers  And yet I am alone. We grew together, weather storms  And cuddled amongst parched leaves. We are strewn across the fields
So sickly.  Someone with such a heart  Ready to do...anything. And Everything. To get ahead.  Destroy their friend for the drug called. Ambition.  Fear of losing to others In turn. Losing
One white kid in the whole neighborhood All my friends spoke Spanish but still I knew the truth That every one of us wants the same exact thing To find a safe haven and to have a family  
I am a bird, unnoticed but free
The richest love from deep within trapped in the catacombs and left to die Lives longer, Shines brighter, Than these tedious old lies Meant for nothing more  than to keep you satisfied
The world in itself is not rational It is right for me, but it is not right for you Themes that we see in early thought Isolation, alienation, angst, and dissolution Causes death.
If the worls is a stage, And we ar the plaers, Then we hide ourselves, Costumed with our parts. To the world, our viewers, We are characters, Destned to play our parts. Behind stage, we live,
Melted, swooned, sighed: With every kiss I died.   Baby, brother, tried: With every song I cried.   Alcohol, tobacco, fried: With every pressure I defied.  
Who says we have to hide? Required, we are not, but yet... In this chaos of life, It seems to come naturally. But hidden in the madness, We never notice who our friends are.
A boy shot in the street A cop with a gun Six witnesses and hard evidence Darren Wilson is given paid leave rather than put behind bars Ferguon is called a riot area As they block off any reports
Theres an artist behind this Idiot Theres an Ocean beneath this pool and it's full of sharks I present a calm surface because no one can fathom the depth and once they stick a toe in and realize there is no bottom
In the beginning everything was easy
It’s easy to put mercy out of sight. Forget that people feel like you and I. This is the world that lives in black and white.   They say that change will not come overnight.
I watch as they paint their faces,bending to their knees,in worship of a God they love. They work.They dance.They sing.They starve.
What uplifts me Is the kindness in humanity Just knowing that there are some kind people left Because I feel at this rate, helping one another one day will seem like only a myth
Welcome to western society. The civilized man. The one with the answers The reason we stand The reason we fight. . The reason we judge others and assume we are right.
In the world there are clever and foolish people, There are virgins and prostitutes, Rich, poor, middle class, and the clean and simple, There are pretty things and a couple of tragedies,  
Over time, “human” became a synonym for “flawed,”
Just feel the cool breeze blowing gently all around, and listen to the warm-colored leaves scatter gently across the ground    
The day I met him, he had my heart.Then everytime I saw him it was like it was going to beat out of my chest.Shortly after knowing him I was ready to give him the restAnd no. I don't mean sex.
The pulse of my soul flows slow and deep
Everyone uses them Some wield them like swords Others like shields Some to harm And others to heal Made gods like them Or made mortal by them   Some use to trick and deceive
She was jogging late one evening As every night she did Aware not of the treachery That falling darkness hid
I'm not just scared for me, I'm scared for my brother and my nephews. I'm scared that this world we live in will never give them the chance to reach their potential because they are black men in America.
I'm not a bumper sticker gal. There's a little something in me that winces at the slogans and the white sticker cut-outs on the rear windows of an SUV. Why anyone would feel the need to advertise
I mouth dirges in the Cimmerian shades
A Messy Humanity! Where's God?  
Icy hands of Hope, Frigid blissful voice of Love,
Roses are redish, Violets are blueish, If it wasnt for Christmas, We would all be Jewish
Edges of this world must be mended Creases of these old fabrics smoothed Smuggled letters rewritten And torn pieces sown With old methods and home-made remedies Nail by nail and thread by thread
I find myself shedding tears for past shitWounds t
See I've given up on love but somehow I still had faith in you, I believed In every word you said and foolishly thought they were true,
See I've given up on love but somehow I still had faith in you, I believed In every word you said and foolishly thought they were true,
I shun this part right here Waking in the middle of night battered heart All we do is live in this perpetual fear Again and again I try to avoid this part right here
You wrote the thesaurus in which I am a synonym for worthless, and an antonym for perfect.You wrote the dictionary with my name defining the word ugly, and used me in a sentence to exemplify the adjective disgusting. 
I write to the Little Girl in the Future. In case you have forgotten... In case you have forgotten the beauty of the swirling passions of the primitive past
Here I lay on my bed A pillow is under my head My room is dark and silent A paper moves, so pops open my eyelids   Its early morning Late night Sleep is nowhere in sight  
Wall street looms above you as you takeyour walk across the graduation stageyour walk down the aisleyour walk around the neighborhood,draining you with the fangs that they call debt.
To me,
I rather die... than force myself to sleep. Thinking that everything should be eiditic;
Against all odds, I am here. I am a survivor, born of survivors, with fire in my blood. My perseverance is all that I need, for my will to live consumes me. It was not always so.
To be humanity, You must fallow every step, Do as your told, Do this, Do that, To be humanity, Birds must cut off their wings on command, Dogs must die for the nobles, And cats must die when no room is left, To be humanity,
"A good wine mellows as it ages" is what my dad says in reaction to my passion. I don't want to here this because my feelings are real
Not Stagnant By: Eric Turner
Hush little girl, and rest in me
Perched on a hill Humble with nature's best Provider Observed Tranquilizer  Keeps me sane. No human element can toch thee. Stationary, revolved around all seasons.
Oh, you hate men? Why would you be a feminist? All guys aren't like that..That's so unfair.
It's dark and alone in here But I still bite my tongue because it's better I don't mind the spiders and ghouls The reward means so much greater I would rather be what I am not To please my own kin
I'm weird, I'm brave, I'm scared, I'm tall, I
She takes flight. All the light in those babydoll eyes. Broken. Soars away from these hardships. Tender hands burned. In this seemingly painless discuise. Don't leave me in the darkness.
Two eyes, Two legs, Two arms, One nose, One mouth, I thought i was a human, Until... Close friends and family were Spit at, And even killed. Nobody seemed to notice,
I find it hard to live in the world I am in.
Re: cycle When birds are bursting with the
Sparks ignite The arid fields And childhood memories  A glow Hangs like hell above Bathed in warm light Flames climb The walls of the house In which we once slept Hopes
Busy street So many faces So few people
Once, I saw a white rose
My eyes, crystal clear. I'm opned, anew... Inspired too. None other than the word love can explain it- It's bubbling over, unable to contain it. Not wishing to do so, I wish I had none.
Looking to kill time. Thinking of taking a nap but find a trail instead. Signs at the start saying, "Under Construction." Under Construction. Nature? Under Construction? How Silly! I follow what is inside, I am nature not a sign.
Eighteen score years ago, a cradled crying baby - who was given an enlightened path - was born
Ignorance is said to be bliss But is it? Surely there must be something inside us something screaming, "Why are you not looking around?!" Instead of acknowledging a homeless man starving
Welcome to the jungle, friends welcome scavengers, welcome predators, welcome ungrateful beasts. welcome free birds of which I so aspire.   Welcome flowers and cats. Welcome ladybug.
Human heart black as night; Darkness depth beyond our sight. A dusk posions this beautiful world. Soul of child still white and pure, Turns grey with loss of our demure. Does face exist without this tarnish?
Is it not the goal of man
To change the world in the blink of an eye In a way such that no more needlessly die To let Nature run its course To eliminate those who rule by force A species capable of worldwide peace
My view, your view, his view, her view
Words escape me when I think too deeply for far too long. Sometimes I contemplate whether the things I inspire are wrong. A perfection to acheieve in the world of precision.
  when i was little i wrote even though my hands could barely reach over the keyboard without stumbling and tripping on each other, each word; each of
Acceptance is not submission. It’s not a provision for idleness. It’s not a justification for regression. It’s the potential for improvement. We battle on fields of death For our beliefs,
In 7th grade, I knew I was gay I didn't think it was normal Not to be straight So I cut up my skin And took a lot of drugs I drank a lot of alcohol And gave lots of boys hugs
To be the best. Not break on impact. So we thought.   Will we be alive for equilibrium? Not at this rate.   The primal rule supreme. Pleasure and pleasure. This universe,
My favorite color is blue.
Parents... can give me life, Teachers... will teach me curriculum, College Professors... will teach me knowledge, Medical School Professors... will provide me a mental tool,
So many people speakin of things they know nothing about. Assumptions turn into rumors,
They tell me that your love is one that can't withstand their reality.  They claim that all I need is a grasp of familiarity.  A look-see into the future so I can stop wondering where I ought to be. 
Alarm Sigh Time for work again. Same Routine Make money to stay alive. Boring Life In this cubicle the beauty outside has started to die. No More Money is my boss.
 When we rise in anyway, everything around us rise as if, the sun shine around us, saying we are the ligth, which one day,  will ligth it our path to succes, just following those deligthful colors which have infinity gloriness.
We live in a world where the American dream is a thing that is yearned, Where liberty is free and opportunity awaits around every turn. We live in a world where we are given every right to speak what is our hearts,
We are great, we are smart So we are told to be. We'll be something big one day, So we are. But the price of this greatness,  Is the weight of the world. We strive for perfection,
Empathy is better than sympathy, sympathy is the back bone in "common courtesy". However, in this 2014 world, humans seem to deny and reject the love each one deserves.
I must change I do change I will change This was the promise I unknowingly made when I was born into this world of beautiful malice My freedom to exist and demand
Helping victims that have been stabbed with a knife, That's the kind of job I want to change a life. Helping the ones who have been hurt and abused, That's the job I choose. Putting away those child molesters 
Do you know That the universe Millions of lights Glowing bright From such a height  Is in someone As small as me As small as you As big as us 
humanity:world peace! humanity:fight fire with fire.   parents:be yourself! parents:stop being who you are.   humans:love thy neighbor! humans:god hates fags.  
One Job May Change My Life An Original Poem by Julianne Kuzmanovic   There was only ever one job, one duty, one obligation That has ever really interested me
All I have ever wanted was the Stars Painted across my flesh and bone Orion's Belt tight around my waist My heart filled to the brim with light of the Moon My eyes wicked like the wrath of Mars
What good would Earth be,
  Who am I? Check my profile Oh look, two cats are brawling Lets take a video of it We’re supposed to be doing schoolwork But I’d rather tweet Too lazy to run errands? Shop online
My love for equality is so great,
Sometimes I look in the mirror and see myself in fear. What I see is a mess and I think of a makeover and nothing less.   Our government, while always great seems to need the same help as of late.
Coming from a girl who observes Only to see the suffering of our brothers and sisters, Maybe some day people will understand that Pointing out our differences only causes pain.
Illuminated minds And related kinds Elated to find gold  In the mind that's my mind Unrefined, unaligned  With mainstream views As I daydream of good news Brighter days, righter ways
What is culture? What is distinction?
If I could change anything, Anything in the world, The world is what I would change. I would change people, People and their motivation. Their motivation to help others, To help others out of desire,
If I had the power to change anything it would be the world. I'd change hate people have for each other and make it love. I'd have every child cared by a loving family and filled with inner confidence and endurance to follow their dreams.
what makes us human? eyes, ears, arms, brains but there's something more.   we breathe we love we dream everyone of us   skin color money nationality
Drip drop, pitter patter
Each tree is a soldier lined up for war, Motionless with its comrades, Eyeing stumps of fallen friends. Morituri te salutamus.   Dad carries the sparkling saw, its teeth
Spend a day in others' shoes, Walk in them for a mile; You will receive the news That it is sometimes hard to smile. Spend a day with another's life, Try to take it all in stride,
If someone ever comes to up me With a bag of Skittles and candy in their mouth, With the lame pick-up line:
I am guilt. The imperfect feeling caused by my imperfect mind Because my humanity will always be evidence of my flaws as I evolve through time Ultimately, you and I
To protect the innocent               and to punish the guilty. Illegalities differ
We are humans. We’re made up of skin and bones, muscles and cartilage.
 Sometimes living in this world can be tough,
Gently Blowing in the Wind, Unheard. Sweeping Through Time, Unseen. Going Along with the Day, Unknown.
A blood stained path,A lonely road,Mountains of corpses gaze onwardAt the figure walking, unceasingly forward.He remembers his past:The innocence lost,The idealistic dream corrupted,
Love me, I a
I have these words swirlingaround, all my thoughts twirling. I rarely have a chanceto let these pieces sit, to dance. Because the very moment Ilet my thoughts be, for a fraction of a 
What be of
Wisdom emanates from the simplest of conscious beings,
An unanswered question Haunts us for generations But no one knows why   We start to question But find no precise answer If we think too long   Hoped for its' exit
Recumbent here I lie
When I look to the sky, I know... I know I used to be there, a small clump of atoms in the stars of someone else's sky,   As I peer back 13.7 billion years, I know...
Here comes the darkness quickly creeping in While the world is reeking of some unforgiven sin Starless night, burnt out moon
The entire Universe is one giant grey area, who are we to be so black and white? Blood and fervor, Hatred spit and spatter for sake of spite,   Lined up against imaginary walls of a blank square room,
What I’m Thankful For When asked to speak, I figured, hey! This will be easy. As I began to think of what to say, I grew slightly queasy.
Tick tock the clock keeps going The sand in the hourglass keeps flowing No matter how much sand there is One day it will run out Then what Will reminisce   On what we miss
Love to your body Love to your psyche Strip your insecurities Reveal your humanity While getting between your physical
  Change flows as the rivers. Water rises, rushes, ebbs, and slows, Bestowed by the Giver.   Submerge – frigid – into shivers.
A score. A mocking, generic, monotonous score defines us.   Humility, humanity, philanthropy, do not matter, because only a score defines us.    Years of hardwork shattered by 
The battle of being , of what is suspected in life. We make a massacre with our hardly existence of humanity. The brawl of the complex obstacles and barriers you must over come. The warfare of being positive and obedient to everything and all.
I see people walking byAnd I wonder what it's likeDo they see what I seeWhen they look at you with meThen I think of what I'd sayIf they ever asked why I feel this way
Pause quickly the world Gravity rudes heaven’s tears Force pressures weak creations Trimming a mockingbird’s years.   Pause quickly the world Rain’s mercy left too mocked
Should I be counted in the world as important? Hiding from the scoffers, liars, cheaters, and hypocrites around me; I am alone. Eventually you would imagine they would see beyond my rags, maybe even see I am human. Love?
Compassionate and kind. These are synonyms of the word humane. A word with a root thats names one of the most violent, disrespectful and unfair race of beings in this universe.
The sky turns dark A deep black falls upon us. The angels cry as the Earth pushes further away from the Golden Gates. Twenty centuries of deep sleep. The great hands try to shake
you caught me upon a fallen starand wished me away to thedesert Mars. A dead plain with foreign menof simple things in a nightmare, awaken me to humanity.
Trains   Steady and strong, a titanic of force and power The gears and cogs inside mathematically precise Oh how marvelous a machine! The earth trembles as it approaches
I almost forgot, What it was to breathe, What it was to live in the moment, What it was to take time, What it was to be free, To walk on a beach, To watch a sunset,
You see things with envy, through your holy,and pure eyesAnything different, you simply despise“One must live proper, a man and his wife”We’d love to live peacefully, hopeful and true
An empty house, ancient and beautiful. Stands regally above the lowly earth. Shingles slither off, front porch steps crumble. But the house has immeasurable worth.   Inside swarm ghosts, memories of the past.
Florescent in the minds of the children to comeThe shining rise of the golden sunUntil their final days are done, and the shadow of the night overcomes the golden sun
Do you bleed too?Your skin is toughYour body is strongYet you are so gentle Do you scream too?Your voice is firmYour stance is stubbornYet your whisper is soft
  we got to thinking, well,  what if people  weren’t people?  he was: that small record store, the one you’d see on the corner filled with music and books and beauty
Humanity, So dim and detestable, Crumbles silently beneath the bed of time. Moment after moment, Full of hatred and misunderstanding, Communication is lost within the void of space. Every second
Do you really have a heart of gold or is it more like a cold black stone? Do you really wish to sit on a throne and rule over Rome or do you have no desire of leaving home?
Do you really have a heart of gold or is it more like a cold black stone? Do you really wish to sit on a throne and rule over Rome or do you have no desire of leaving home?
There is so much sadness in the world   What will it take to heal When murder Senseless murder Is committed every day        Genocide Is in every corner Of this planet Look around you
these red viscous drops that paints our banner's stars and straps fake smiles and all these props it spreads like chicken pox and it cant be contained or put in a box obvious to the trained mind
Planet Earth where I reside Created by Him, who gave me life Sent me here for a purpose to fulfill To set goals and achieve, to strive Our society is condemning Humanity is painfully amuck
One day I’ll liberate my soul; my own mishaps have created the insecurities that soon will fade away into a cloud of dust.
Slamming words together, does it mean anything at all? Grandfathers telling stories about men that stood 10 feet tall, And I remember listening sweetly as the fantasy soaked in my ears,
The greatest fall of modern civilization, was abandoing the philosophy that kept us from the coffin. Aristotle and Aquinas held the keys, to western civilizations victory. In his metaphysics they lay,
say something - anything... let me know that i am still human that you don't hate me let me know that you realize i have feelings just like you   smile at me - a genuine one
When the sky runs blueI think of what life has in storeFeasibility is impossibleYet we communicate our hopesOur dreamsOur loveEvery day
If the grass fought the soil, there'd be no land If the land fought the sea, there'd be no Earth If the artery fought the vein, there'd be no heart And if the heart fought the blood,
We were broken from the start Ill made molds from our beginning Bits and pieces of fears and failures Make our chemical make-up   We will not bow We are broken, not defeated
Many a sparrow sounds the alarm for a new dawn Many an eye opens, then close in irritation Refusing to appreciate the song of the morning Many a flower blooms; the evaporating dew Creates an aroma; a natural perfume
Let me paint you a picture Of a world gone blind from hours untallied Peering into a window of light so blinding It consumes our thoughts every moment   Step into the door, my friend
My thoughts, my words, my fury They are my release, my security My deepest fears, my darkest secrets My writings are ME.   I put my thought into my pen Then from my pen to my paper
    Since the beginning of time I have watched Watched humanity crash and burn The Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Babylonians all built toward the sky
What has this world come to? People too involved with themselves or should I say vain ... over consumed Using others just to get by or too pretentious to just be themselves, flaws and all ... and not hide
Objectives thru journeys Which within them we, As culprits of our deeds, Die consecutively... Loops swaying around... Of life's need to fond... Caress scars and wounds... With which i so bound... Strides of loud strobes... Sights of glowing vibrat
Cold, Lingering, Willing to help. My heart breaks for those who can't. Can't feel the love. Cant feel the compassion. Rather, live in hate and terrible disasters.  Peace, Mercy, Truth, and Love. 
I. First-light   Eyes fly open and I light up a cigarette. Check to see…yep, still there.  I slowly unfurl My cramped wings, the slow rustle of feathers
Days go by from that day People were desperate each day They would show their stuff off They would even sleep in a loft No one could bring up the money No one couldnt even afford a donkey
I Invent the non-existent Realize the reality of the unreal Imagine the unimaginable Read an unwritten story I create   Accept the possibility of the impossible Expect the unexpected
I'm only one out of 7 billion. My home is round and weighs more than a million.   I'm courageous and insecure, I'm a mess, a beautiful one for sure. I'm overly positive and negative at the same time,
understand me don't overlook me yet some people prefer to underestimate me but i'm over that   she's misunderstood she wants to be Ms. Understood but she has really bad relationship issues
I write for the world. Its skies of blue stretching uniqueness across the planet Revealing its luster and foliage for all the universe to see
I was born different, unique, As all babies are. What, after all, is normal, anyway?   But somehow, in the division of humanity, Some people are more like the rest,
My greatest friendship Has lied within the tip of the pencil That which moves In many forms.   Syllables that dance around The atoms of the paper And rejoice After every rhyme.  
To use the antiquated metaphor of a paintbrush   stroking the sky creating brilliant hues, chiaroscuro, the simplest form of beauty. The heavens merely blanket the subtle art below.
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Song of Innocence: A bright light shining,  Shining and radiating proudly  O’er the land; Proudly illuminating the poor Hovel, the crumbling
  At this moment, I am inventing the dinosaur; creating toast; conceiving an end to a circle. Against reason, I am endeavoring to produce something beautiful from the dregs of humanity.  
The other day my guidance counselor Mrs. SolovayCalled me into her officeInto a crossed out corner of thisOutdated newspaper clippingIn that prison cellWhere nobody usually goesBecause like me,
Life can be good Life can be bad But the one thing you can do is keep your head up high And your feet down low Their will always be haters out there
Look at you staring in contempt At fields drenched in the blood of your enemies. Didn’t you know revenge is a fool’s game, In which the wise always wait out? Haven’t you got a damn clue,
What are we, the people of today?All living a life, without much to sayMinor differences, amongst each otherBut all alike, one way or another
Prepare yourself, For this will not be ordinary. To express the way I feel Is to look upon the people of this earth with a smile in my heart To see the distraught  the unloved the wanting
(Fast sad lane of reality, other stories don't match with family, left lost on the streets with insanity, none realized the real, feel what empty stomachs got without a meal, split one time so he'll make at least a dime, bedless because of bed bug
  Laying down brick by boring brick, Walking step by lonely step, The lies have been cemented in thick, The foundation appears to stand strong.   Esteemed by our disgrace, Loved for how we hate,
They say that your life is in your hands and those hands carry your future, but in reality that future reflects your past and in actuality, that past reflects where you stand.
Between ice cold lemonade and hot cocoa, I am human, While bundling up due to the breeze, I think thoughts such as these.  
I sat and stared. Tick Tock, Tick Tock, the hour hand is stuck. slowly walking they will come. unstopping, pacing with dismay, trying to stand still. the world walks by.
I am complicated. There is more to me than people realize. I have feelings. Do they know how much I care? Do they know how much it hurts? I am angry. Fuck everything and everyone. I am happy.
Show emotion? I can't Deep within my heart, Nice and tight, My emotions sleep; inaccessible I reach down Try to bring them out. Not far enough; buried too deep down. Therefore, I write.
guess this is how you master dancing with the stars a slew of ancient footprints in the sand So pirouette upon the roofs of houses made of cards sell scores of petrichor in little cans
Some people experiences love others can only see it and write about it Love is scary Love is so scary At any given time your own lover can leave you without your permission
I think i was eight when i started to appreciate a new world that had monsters, and dragons, and dungeons. It was colorful when i felt colorless insightful when i felt blind there when i wasn't
Onion Peeling As I write poems, me myself is being peeled. One poem by one, I find my true voice. Going deeper and deeper, I find my identity. Like onion being peeled, I dive into my world.
I am so young but yet I feel so old The sun sits high but yet I feel so cold Sometime I question the route I chose I question what it is that I behold I wonder how things would unfold
For $10 an hour, I am a shield. I will physically put out a small fire, Stay to the back as a crowd rushes before me. I will wield the fire hose and perish in my theater.
Poesía eres tú y yo. Poesía es la luz como la oscura. La risa vivida hasta la muerte sufrida. Poesía nos conecta a los dos. Esto no es poesía, es solo un simple gesto sin gesto, o tal ves,
Most say it is just words. Others say it's just for fun. Some just hear roars That leave it undone...
I've lost my taste for life The bitter flavors numbed my tongue Through prolonged exposure The stench of moral decay Deadened my nose to any pleasurable scent I can no longer make due with the sweetened illusion
When you smile, Do not look to the rising sun, When you frown, Do not turn towards the sea, When you are lonely, Do not tread in the sand, When you are happy, Do not sing with the wind,
Picking up the pieces of a puzzle never seen the edges and the center a mess of human being the corners and the central piece the one that always disappears a puzzle of a million pieces
sickly man walks so far deadly man falls so fast kingly man rises tall guilty man hides so well sickly woman covers up deadly woman twists too far queenly woman takes leaps and bounds
Depth is in the thought, Ideas always flow, The times have been rough, No one wants to fall below. When we die, We've walked so fast, There we'll lie, But hope died last.
I have heard that the sky is the limit but I do not want to stop until I touch the sun and dance in the moon’s pearly crescent.
We live in the Middle East, on a wealthy estate, born of the opposite color. We see an enemy, a complete stranger, a brother in a war overseas.
The ground I walk is cold and wet under my feet. It trembles like the hands I reach out. Bodies shake around me. A scream. I run towards the sound of a lost little girl. Her crumpled body changes me.
Aware of what the future beholds, I reach a hand out into the dark beyond. Rising up from this earth, Called my grave, This translucent flesh Rots away. I realize I'm not alone;
Nautical graves and practical poets, Woman's condition and cultural woe. Heaving sensations accompany the telly. What's worse than these? The end of the show.
What truly lies in the far depths of space, For I wonder as I gaze at the sky, Life beyond us is what we'll come to face, We perceive what is seen through our own eye;
We were not meant to be a people whole. Our bodies divide humanity’s soul. We were born broken, so that the life may pass through us, so that windy gusts may not topple us.
In this world of thorns and roses Deception creates reality's balance Here lies a cup stemmed from overflowing greed Rather cage the bird than watch it fly.
I do not understand. No hello to people on the street. Keep walking, keep walking Don’t make eye contact Shit, are they talking to me? Keep walking, keep walking. We are cold individuals.
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Bravery, a concept of strange humanity Is it real, does it even pertain to me? Myth, legend, flaw of the human brain Something some feel is the need to gain.
This is a world where we are free In a world of confusion We live under the weight of the sky Above the weight of the sea We roam this world in hope for truth But we find terror, dread, and sorrow
I have seen him weep and I have seen him cry and I have seen him in the throws of victory and ecstasy. Yet, Yet I look at him now, broken and crippled and old. And I see sadness in his eyes.
I'm ready to float away on a cloud and let the wind blow me away and stop me when I'm where I belong. I wanna get away, get away, get away and push away the fact that I'm human
I dreamt of a Kingdom in the Sky Teeming cities and purple mountains Stretching far and rolling wide I dreamt of a great foundation Cradled in the arms of the fallen A black and blue, a bloodied nation
You might as well fuck For virginity, if you war On account of peace. Life is full of irony. Fraught from the plurality of man Uniformity mistaken for marching to your own beat.
Simple rhythms and simple rhymes is that all I’m meant to give to you who deserves all the tears that I have never shed? To them across this world of ours who I’m sure deserve the same
You filled my soul with hate, Made my heart ache, When you stole from me my dreams, And wrote on the wrinkles of my brain, Words so razor-blade sharp that they Could only be used
You said it, therefore it must be true. Yes, every word you speak is law. Why should anyone have room to doubt you? You, who beleives everything the bias media tells you.
I’m not an exception To the rule Yet, I try so hard I’m like one grain in the sand A particle in the sky I’m nothing but a spectacle Yet, I try so hard
I hike on concrete toward concrete sky My oppressors are as easy as nectar from the mouths of flowers named in Latin In the clouds I see insincere rabbits and jagged dragons
Out of 17 years Eight and a half weeks is has been our longest absence the only thing I’ve even been constantly punctual at is being your sister. I’ve had perfect attendance.
I have seen things in war, child p l e a s e all long and strangely broken in the middle M o m m a the same
Sets of eyes watching you
What happened to our joy and pride? What gives us the idea and need to hide? We used to be happy and love our culture And focus on our highway to the future. We all clapped when King said the words, "Free at last."
I want to feel how i did that day. in the late nights of may. I striped of the meat of chickens. to barbque the meats. Then I removed the feets. I made good late night meals.
Today we can live Yesterday we've survived Tomorrow will never cry The days of our lives We can do whatever. Till one of us die Then we all Cry
Everyone equal, no one oppressed, yet the world yelled For the world did not believe that skin color mattered African-American, Can we just be Americans? Can we just be Humans?
What is comparable to inevitable?? If the lyrics don't intertwine, then the meaning is forgotten. How do we proceed to the next level when we keep falling? The stairs are right before us but the world is calling,..
The History Books
Aphrodite, slightly bouncing on her toes, happily sought to gossip of lovers' woes. "Wanting a bride, a man of grand sum did seek the promised hand of a maiden mild and meek. Through my guidance, her betrothed heart he did please.
To resist an opportunity in the midst of our days by the sunlight catching the inner core, it holds weakens the penetration of the mind, the many splitting of the selves, the gold no one can take
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