I can(t) see human(ity)s


Who are you to tell me what I am and what I’m not

Where I come from, where I’ll go

What I have been through and what I’ve seen

What I will go through and what I’ll be

Who are you to say I am wrong

To put me down

To call me under

For I am equal.

Who are you to tell me that one sickness is less than another

That the mind is less than the body,

Depression is just a phase and it’ll pass

That my pain doesn’t matter?

We’re all entitled in this world.

Popular, smart, jock, or stupid

Thug, preppy, outcast, or nerd

Why do you put me on a shelf

And keep me there until you're ready to play?

I may not be tall, or smart, or fall into your popular category

But my voice still matters

Gay or strait

Tall or short

Nerd or thug

Popular or outcast.

My life matters.

And you do not want to be a reason

Why it goes away.

I said it before, and I’ll say it again.

I am not some pretty item to be stored away.

I may be bent

I may be broken

I am scarred

But I am a token

Of everything that is wrong in this world today.

A world that you have created

And the earth you have scorched

With the venom of your mocking

Your hate-Your words.

And now in this faith.

I am growing up

Against the ash

Rising from dust

I will not be silenced

And I will not be covered

Because my words, they matter

And my voice now grows

Louder and louder

Filling out with these others

With the gays, the nerds,

the thugs and the preps,

with the out casts and the popular.

By the disabled and the depressed.

Through the smart kids and the dumb ones.

We will be heard.

Not walked on

For we are the future generation

The ones who need to fix what you’ve created

A society that now shuns gays

And ignores the pleas for help from the depressed

Who would rather turn their head and walk away

Than take a moment to help

You are the ones hanging the rope

Buying the pills

Sharpening the knives

Filling the tub

Loading the gun

And your mockery

Of fagget and homo

Emo and attention-seeker

Kicks out the chair!

Knocks down the pills!

Cuts through the veins!

Inhales the water!

Pulls the trigger!

The guilt of you rides on our shoulders

Pushing us down

We’re born already 10 feet under

And by our whole existence were trying to claw up to 6

How are we to exist this way?

When will I be equal?

For I can look happy

And be dead inside

Show the cuts on my arms

Or as done more often- hide them

The reasons can vary

But the cry is the same

With your mockery

Labeling everything again

and again and again and again

But one day I'd like to see you in my shoes

Go home to the same shit I do

Hear the words worse than yours

Worse than any you’ve ever heard

Spat right into your face

Like a snake trying to protect its self

So many times that you actually start to believe that they're true

If you had as many thoughts as I did running full pace threw your head

You wouldn’t be able to walk

So call me dumb but maybe my mind is stuck back where I can remember joy.

Oh wait.

I cant

You took that back when you thought

That picking on those under you

Was a good way to be popular.

To be funny

Just hanging that rope and letting me jump.

I look around and I see humans

But no humanity

For humanity is defined as the race of men drawing together for the better good

But everywhere we turn there is argument




When we started to title everything

We lost the idea of humanity.

The only thing we have in common anymore

Is the fight for survival

Willing to throw everyone else under the bus


Taught from a young age that fucking others over is the only way to survive.

I can see humans

But I’ve never seen humanity.

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